You know the feeling that you get when you're feeling a little sick but you think to yourself, "I can't be sick, I have things to do," I had this feeling about a week ago. I had a busy schedule the next day and had social plans for the following one. I just wasn't ready to be sick. I wasn't prepared for it. Luckily, the next day I was feeling better, but the idea prevails. There was the need to be out of the house. To be working on things. To be productive. This same idea prevails when you watch Netflix and binge a little more than you should, leaving you feeling a little guilty, because you could have been productive instead. Nowadays, it's all about productivity. I see posts out there giving tips on becoming more productive and workplaces are focused on fostering productivity. But is it really so bad to be unproductive?

I believe that it's important to be productive, I do. I always feel great after getting a lot done. It's economically beneficial in the workplace to be productive and it can help you further your personal agenda. I get that. I love being productive. However, there's a point that you can become too productive. Imagine a CEO or power boss of a major company. They're overwhelmed with work and responsibilities and have to plan out their time in order to be as productive as possible. They fill their calendars with meetings and reports, so much that even their weekends are filled to the max. It's all work and no play. Yes, they are being majorly productive, but is this really beneficial to their personal lives?
 I believe in a strong work-life balance. Whatever you're working on, whether it's a full time job, schoolwork, or even a temporary position, you need to be able to balance your work with your personal time. It's awesome to be productive while you're working, that's the time that you should be fostering your productivity. However, when you're on your personal time, is it really necessary to always be productive?

A good measure of a healthy amount of productivity is getting everything that you need to get done. This means getting your essay in on time or going grocery shopping, not trying to cram as much as you can do in one day. Trying to do too much in one day will cause nothing but stress and eventually burnout. It isn't good for you mentally. Healthy productivity is getting things that you need to get done and still having time for things that you want to get done. 

Signs that you're too productive:

1. You can't stand sitting around doing nothing for over 10 minutes. 

This means that you can't get through an episode of your favorite TV show or sit in the bathtub for an hour. You essentially cannot relax. I personally love my me time. It's something that I can always count on to keep myself centered. But if you can't stand relaxation or getting some "me time" and instead have other things constantly clouding your attention, maybe you need to take a step back and see how your need for productivity is affecting your personal life, not only that, but your mental health as well. 

2. You have other things on your mind while talking to someone else. 

While your friend is telling you all about their crazy dream last night and instead of listening, you're thinking about work, it probably means that you're too engrossed in it. When your need to be productive begins to affect your personal relationships, that's when you know that it's getting too far.

3. You stay up late working after you spent the whole day working. 

I get that you want to get an edge on whatever that you're working on, but if you're staying up way too late to get more done that you don't really need to get done, then you're just affecting your health and well-being. Staying up late to finish things that you procrastinated is a totally different story, that's the opposite of the need for productivity. However, when you spend your whole day trying to be productive and you let it eat into your sleep time, you hurt your health.

Being productive is something that is fantastic. However, we need to know when we're letting our need for productivity take priority over all else. This doesn't just go for power bosses and CEOs, but even ambitious teenagers trying to get into the college of their dreams or people that are just biting off more than the can chew. Leave time to be unproductive, time to be creative, time to just enjoy life. Fill your life with productivity, but don't forget to leave room for the unplanned moments. These are the things that make you live in the moment, where you don't have to worry about what you're going to do after in order to get as much done as possible, but your body, mind, and soul, are fully devoted to that moment. If you're so engrossed in being productive, thinking about what can you do to get the most done in the least possible time, then those kind of moments are going to pass you by.


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