I would be lying if I said that I was great at taking care of my skin. I'm lazy and I actually don't take care of my skin as well as I should. The thing about skincare is that I get really invested in it around the winter, because if I don't heavily apply moisturizers and scrubs, then my skin will get immensely dry to the point that it's not just something for appearance, but it will start to hurt me physically. I'm not kidding, when I visited the Grand Canyon, the air around there was so dry that my skin physically hurt. However, when winter comes to an end and we reach summer, I begin to neglect skincare, which is partly one of the reasons why my skin gets so much worse during the wintertime. The summer is a time where there's a lot of harsh sunlight, so it's super important not to neglect skincare. 

Summer Skincare | Sunny Rebecca

While I'm not sure that lip products really fall into the "skincare" category, I'm lumping them in anyways. If you were ever to ask me what my number one most necessary beauty/skincare product would be, it would be lip balm. Either that, or face soap. Anyways, you get the point. Having a great lip moisturizer is so important. I used to take ages to get through just one tube, but throughout the past few years, I've been using these up so quickly because I apply and reapply so often. 
These are two lip products that I have used before to moisturize my lips. I just got the L'Occitaine lip balm recently, so I really can't say much about it except for the fact that it smells amazing. This is the vanilla one, but they have so many other incredible scents as well. As for the Burt's Bees lip balm, all of the Burt's Bees lip balms work fantastically. They have a nice thick consistency and are super moisturizing. They each also have great scents and a wide variety of them to choose from, not to mention that they're an all natural product. Honestly, how great is that?

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Again, this is another thing that I'm not exactly sure if it fits into the "skincare" category, but I think that it's close enough. We usually focus a lot on the face when we talk skincare, but your body still deserves some skin love as well! I've recently been using this Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub. It's a pretty gentle product, unless you scrub hard, but the scrub is a lot more fine than coarse. It also has this incredible maple scent and I love maple scents. When it says "great maple scent" on the product packaging, it really means great maple scent. Not to mention that this retro packaging is adorable! It really reminds me of the Benefit cosmetics packaging (also totally swoon-worthy) because of the style of it and it's adorable names for their products. 

Soap and Glory, Scrub, Body Scrub, Smoothie Star, Breakfast Scrub

I generally moisturize at night because that way my face doesn't look all oily during the day, since lotion tends to do that to me. I recently got this sample for the Estee Lauder nightwear moisturizer and I am loving it. It's a thick consistency, which I like in a moisturizer, since I have such dry skin. This is a great product for people that are lazy like me and just slap on some lotion before bed whenever they can. 

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Protecting your face from the sun is also super important during the summer. Yes, you can wear sunscreen all the time, but let's be real, no one really does that. For people that generally wear makeup on a day to day basis, this is the perfect two in one product for the summer to protect your face from sun damage. A BB cream with SPF is perfect for a bit of coverage, but also some moisturizing and sun protectant. I've been using the Smashbox camera ready BB cream, which as SPF 35, which is generally higher than other makeup products with SPF. It's a great consistency and has really nice coverage, but not to the point that it's unnatural and overpowering. 

Smashbox, Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream, Makeup, SPF

Summer Skincare | Sunny Rebecca

Last up, a scrub for the face. I love the Origins modern friction nature's gentle dermabrasion to keep my skin soft. I love the feeling that I get after I use it, it's such a refreshing feeling. It's a bit more coarse, but it's still pretty gentle on the skin, depending on how aggressively you exfoliate. A scrub is super important, because it strips the dry skin so that your face is softer, plus it allows the lotion to really work its wonders a bit more. 

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What will you be doing to take care of your skin this summer? 

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