Long flights can be so physically and mentally straining. Spending hours in a plane definitely isn't fun. It's boring and it often feels like a total waste of time. During the summer, I'm sure that a lot of people may be flying out on adventures. While being stuck in the plane for hours isn't the most ideal way to spend your time, I've figured out some things that you can do on the plane in order to either foster productivity, make the flight a little more bearable, or both. You don't have to let the flight strain you, but instead you can take advantage of this time and make the most of it.

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One // Listen to a Podcast.

As of recently, this has been one of my favorite things to do while traveling to pass time. Since I tend to get nauseous while traveling, I sometimes need to take moments to not stare at anything, meaning turning off the games and movies, and just sit there. Obviously, it's a little boring to just sit on the plane doing nothing, especially for long periods of time. There are so many different Podcasts out there that there is something for everyone, whether you're into comedy, news, advice, whatever your heart desires. Some of the Podcasts that I've recently been enjoying on long flights include How They Blog and Make it Happen. If you're a creative entrepreneur or a blogger, I found this fantastic post with 9 podcasts specifically aimed at this audience. I've recently been interested in listening to podcasts with blog advice so that I can be productive and pass the time. If you're not interested in blogging, which is totally okay, there is so much more to pick from!

Bonus tip: Itching to get productive? Pick an educational podcast that will educate you on something that you're interested in. This isn't limited to merely academic content, but if you want to learn more about a certain topic, there are lots of informative podcasts on various topics. 

Two // Listen to an audiobook or read.

I always complain about not having enough time to read, so this long period of time is the perfect opportunity to read. As previously mentioned, I personally am sometimes not able to focus on a book due to motion sickness, so audiobooks are a great option as well. Audiobooks are generally very long, usually quite a few hours, so it provides lots of content for even the longest flights. If you're not one for audiobooks, bring a book or an eBook to pass the time. This is your chance to take advantage of the time, plus reading is generally the kind of thing that I always want to do but am never able to get around to. On my last flight, I listened to the Vacationers audiobook and it made the flight a whole lot easier. 

Bonus tip: While companies like Audible are great, if you're looking for free audiobooks, check out your local library's website, you can borrow a ton of great titles. This site, Hoopla, has a fantastic selection of audiobooks, eBooks, music, and even movies that you can borrow for free if your library is paired up with it. 

Three // Play with cards.

This obviously only works if you have a travel companion, but there are lots of games that you can play with just some cards. Before you embark, look up some card games that you can play with your travel companion(s). My favorite card game is speed, but there are way more games out there. Try learning some new card games that you've never heard of, because there is so much more than go-fish!
Bonus tip: Sick of the same old card games? Invent your own card game and then play it!

Four // Map Out Your Travels.

If you're going on a vacation and you haven't had time to plan out the sights that you want to see and when you want to see them, don't fret, the plane time is the perfect opportunity to plan it out! Bring along some travel resources, like some article printouts or a travel guide and plan out where you want to visit during your travels and when. Basically use this time to plot out a gameplan for when you touch down so that you can ensure the best trip. This will be your schedule and your outline for what your trip will hold.

Bonus tip: Bring a map of the city you'll be visiting so that you can plan out things conveniently. Schedule all of the things in one specific part of the city on the same day so that you're maximizing your time. 

Five // Get to work.

The plane can be a potentially ideal spot for working, since there are no distractions. You have hours to fill of working. I sometimes like to bring schoolwork or projects that I want and/or need to get done. During the summer, I'm taking a extra course for school in order to get ahead. I'm planning on bringing some textbook printouts onto the plane so that I can work. You probably don't have schoolwork to do in the summer like I do, so this summer you can work on a passion project. This might be a new skill that you're learning, blogging, writing, anything that you want to work on for your own personal gain.

Bonus tip: If you're a blogger, the plane is the perfect time to get ahead on some posts! If you don't have in-flight wifi, write out your ideas and/or posts on Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into your blog once you connect to internet after you touch down. 

Six // Movie marathon.

I think that this is the most obvious and most enjoyed form of entertainment on flights, since movies are enjoyable and also great for passing time. I must admit that the airplane in-flight entertainment consoles have quite a good selection of movies, they have pretty new movies that I'm actually interested in watching, so I applaud airlines on that.

Bonus tip: The airplane noises tend to be rather loud, so it's highly suggested that you bring some noise cancelling headphones so that you can enjoy your movie to the fullest.

Seven // Indulge in an adult coloring book.

Adult coloring books are all the rage lately. They're relaxing, pretty, and don't require any artistic talent whatsoever. Could it get any better? Bring your adult coloring book onto the plane and create something fantastic. It's relaxing and will help to pass the time. I recently purchased this Enchanted Forest adult coloring book for my friend's birthday and now wondering if I should get it for myself as well so that I can bring it on the plane. Bring some colored pencils, markers, crayons, whatever your colored utensil of choice is and let your inner child loose. Who knows, maybe you'll even forget that you're on the plane as you lose yourself in the colors and swirls.

Bonus tip: Don't want to splurge on an expensive coloring book? Check out the dollar store or Target's dollar section for some cheap adult coloring books. 

Eight // Write.

Writing can be a great way to relax and let your thoughts flow, I should know, since my blog is basically that. You can write a fictional story or a journal, whatever gets your creative juices going. I love documenting my travels, which is one of the reasons why I create travel diaries, but it's a great way to remember your experiences. The thing about when I'm traveling is that I'm always cramming as much sightseeing and activities in as possible that by the end of the day, I'm so exhausted that I just immediately want to go to bed and I'm not able to journal. While you're on your flight back home, it's a great time to document your travels while they're still relatively fresh in your mind. If you're not one for journaling, get creative and craft a fictional story. It doesn't have to be too intricate or well written, it's just something for fun.

Bonus tip: Take advantage of cute stationery and bring a cute journal to write in instead of typing it on your laptop. Make it your designated travel diary and bring it every time you travel so that everything is all in one place if you ever want to look back on these memories. 

Nine // Snapchat your plane adventures.

Snapchat can be so much fun and you can take advantage of it on the plane to share your plane adventures with your friends. Pretend that you're a daily vlogger and make your snapchats fun. Post pictures of what you've been doing on the plane, snap one of those overdone airplane window pictures, complain about your airplane food, just have fun with it!

Bonus tip: Don't have in-flight wifi You can still Snapchat! While on airplane mode, post go on Snapchat and post things to your story. It'll bring up the exclamation point, alerting you that the picture or video did not send. Leave it like that until when you access wifi, click on the exclamation point to post it. 

Ten // Clean out your tech.

Is it just me or is it so easy for your phone and laptop to get cluttered with junk? My phone is always running low on storage because I have so much stuff on there. Take the time on the plane to delete some pictures and/or back them up to your computer. You can also delete any apps that you don't really use so that you have more storage room. As for your laptop, see if there are any pictures or documents that you don't need anymore. I don't know about you, but I have so many bad pictures on my laptop that are just begging to be deleted. After that, take organization to the next level and then reorganize everything into folders.

Bonus tip: While cleaning out your phone, go to the settings app, then general, then storage. You can then click on "manage storage" and see which apps are taking up the most room so that you can best plan out your tech cleaning gameplan.

Flights can be a pain, but let's not let them be what they are, a pain. We can take advantage of this time so that the flight is less of a pain than it has to be. Let's take this flight and make the most of it.

How will you make the most of your flight?


  1. These are great tips! I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling next month, and I'm looking forward to using these ideas!

    XO, Brooke

    1. Good luck and have fun! I hope that these tips are helpful during your travels!