Remember the other day when I talked about shorts for summer? Well, get excited, because in this outfit post, I styled a pair of shorts that I previously mentioned! If you didn't read that style spotlight on shorts (which you totally should), then I'm going to reiterate what I mentioned there. I have recently developed a new-found appreciation for drawstring shorts. I love how comfortable they are and I love styling them by tucking my top into the shorts to get a different look. As a result of my new-found love for drawstring shorts, I decided to center this outfit around these striped shorts. 

Striped Shorts and Chambray | Sunny Rebecca

Striped Shorts and Chambray | Sunny Rebecca

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I got these shorts from H&M and I already love them. They have a simple, yet totally stylish horizontal stripe pattern. I don't know what it is about them, but I feel like recently this color combination and the style of the shorts has been so "in." They're kind of a gray-blue toned, similar to a denim or chambray color, but the shorts are still made out of soft fabric, making them sooo comfortable. The drawstrings also have tassels at the end of them, adding another little accessory to the shorts to really finish them off. 
I paired the shorts with a chambray button down, because as aforementioned, the shorts have a color similar to the color of chambray, so I found it to be a fitting combination. I love the look of the top tucked in rather than leaving it out, because if I was to leave it out, then I would cover the tassels on the shorts. In addition, tucking in the top cinches in the waistband, making for a more flattering figure. 
Lastly, I paired the look with my sandals from ASOS (the brand is London Rebel). These pictures don't show the shoes, but the shoes have been mentioned many times before on the blog (this outfit post pictures them!) These shoes are a simple leather sandal with some gems on it, making it a bit more dressy and adding some extra accessories to the look. The main reason why I paired this look with these sandals is because they literally go with anything and everything. 

Striped Shorts and Chambray | Sunny Rebecca

stripes, striped, shorts, fashion, chambray, summer, style H&M

I also just want to include a little side note praising how committed to blogging I am. After I went out and took these blog pictures, I discovered 8 giant mosquito bites and I'm waiting on discovering more. These are the things that I do for blogging. #bloggerprobs

shorts, stripes, H&M, fashion, style, sunny rebecca

shorts, stripes, chambray, fashion, outfit, style,


  1. Love the striped shorts! Super cute :)

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  2. I've had those shoes on my wishlist for forever, they're so cute!
    xo, Syd

    1. I hope that you can get them sometime!