Just last week I was thinking to myself, I have nothing to wear for the summer. After all of the cold winter days, I got so accustomed to wearing sweaters and layering that I continued to purchase cold weather clothing. Now that it's warmer, I've been realizing my lack of summer clothing. And with that, I went on a hunt for warm weather clothing and ended up buying so many pairs of shorts. I had been looking for some cute and comfortable drawstring shorts for a while, but since I'm very small, it's pretty difficult to find shorts that fit me. Last weekend I was so successful with finding a ton of super cute shorts that fit me, so now I'm going to put the style spotlight on shorts. 

Where to find shorts that fit?

If you're petite like me, these recommendations will be a lot more helpful. However, the places that tend to fit me best are usually Forever 21 or H&M, since they cater to the "teen crowd." Target also fits me really nicely and has some super nice designs. Gap and Old Navy tend to be more of a hit or miss for me, but I think that if you're more regular sized and less petite, then you'll probably succeed more in finding some great shorts that fit.

The 3 types of shorts that you NEED

Thinking along the lines of capsule wardrobes, I believe that having these 3 types of shorts makes for a great summer of shorts wearing.

1 // a pair of drawstring shorts.

Why: Drawstring shorts are my latest obsession. I've been finding new-found appreciation of drawstring shorts because they're super comfortable and stretchy.In addition, I like to use the drawstrings to tighten the waistband, which is so necessary for me, since as I mentioned before, finding shorts that are small enough is a struggle that I always deal with. Also a total plus: a lot of drawstring shorts have pockets that you can actually fit things into. Denim shorts may have pockets, but they're not nearly as roomy as pockets in drawstring shorts. 
Styling tips: I love styling drawstring shorts by tucking my top into the waistband of the shorts. In my opinion, high waisted drawstring shorts make for super cute pairings because it styles similarly to a skirt, if I'm making any sense. You can tuck a basic t-shirt into a pair of drawstring shorts and look totally put together, even though it takes almost no effort to put the look together. 

Gap, shorts, fashion, denim, drawstring

My pick: These drawstring shorts are from Gap and they're like a light-wash denim color, but the thing is that they're not actually denim. They're kind of a soft chambray material (I honestly don't know how to describe them) but they're a really light material. I love the details at the bottom as well as the scallop edge (I have a thing for scalloped edges). I haven't had a chance to wear them yet, but I think that they will probably be featured in an outfit post very soon.

2 // shorts of a solid color. 

Why: Patterned shorts are SO tempting, they have those bold prints that never fail to catch your attention, except let's be real, it's not so easy to match them with things. Solid shorts and basics like these are the key to stretching your wardrobe.
Styling tips: Think of these solid colored shorts as a blank canvas. They're so simplistic that you can do basically anything with them. Throw on a bold patterned top or something with intricate lace. The possibilities are endless with these!

shorts, fashion, forever 21, solid

My picks: I found these shorts from Forever 21 at only $13. Yes, they may be simple, but they're so versatile and they actually fit me, which is more than what I can say for other shorts. I couldn't find the exact same shorts that I found, since I got them in the store and not online, but I did find these shorts that are super similar and the same price. I can see myself wearing these shorts a lot more during the summer, because the color is neutral and it'll be so easy to match them with other things. I mean, that's the point of the solid colored shorts, flexibility! 
I also found another pair of olive green shorts from Old Navy that are super similar to the ones from Forever 21. These shorts are a bit longer than the other pair. I generally pull these shorts up to my waist and tie them tighter so that they're a bit more high-waisted, but no matter what these shorts look great and feel so comfortable.

olive green, shorts, fashion, old navy

3 // patterned shorts.

Why: I know that I've been mentioning how patterned shorts aren't so versatile because they're not so easy to match them with things, but I mean it's nice to have at least one pair, just for fun.
Styling tips: Patterned shorts give you a great opportunity to look dressed up, even if you really didn't put much effort into your outfit. Pair your patterned shorts with a plain top or a basic t-shirt. Let the shorts do the talking.

H&M, shorts, fashion, tassels, drawstring, stripes

My picks: Honestly, these striped shorts make me feel like such a prepster. I don't know what it is about them, but they give me that Hamptons/Nantucket mood and I feel like I should be pairing it with a J. Crew top and KJP bracelet. Except the plot twist is that I got them from H&M for about $18. Again with the drawstring shorts, these ones allow me to tighten them to my liking and they match with so many things. The drawstrings on these shorts are also this nice rope-like material with little tassels on the end, a win! Although those bright patterned shorts always catch my eye, having versatile and more simplistic things make it easier for you to stretch your wardrobe. In addition, they have a HUGE plus, POCKETS. That's right ladies, actual pockets that fit your phone and car keys. Maybe they don't fit your wallet and other junk, but I mean there are pockets, so I think that I'm already winning. 
My second pick is a super bold pair of shorts with the kind of pattern that totally makes you swoon. These green shorts from Marshall's have embroidered palm trees on them, making for such an adorable look! Marshall's has a ton of other embroidered shorts with other patterns like these, such as lobsters, flamingos, and more.

shorts, fashion, embroidered, palm trees, pattern

Style Spotlight: Shorts - Sunny Rebecca

More of my picks!

I've included links to some shorts that I definitely have my eye on as well as some shorts that I've pictured in this post. Best of luck to you and your search for the perfect pair of shorts! 
What type of shorts do you believe are total summer essentials? 


  1. These are really cute! I just went on a hunt for high waisted shorts, and I finally found two pairs of high waisted jeans that I turned into shorts!