Happy Monday! Guess who is currently in China right now? Last Friday, I embarked on my trip to China. All my content has been pre-scheduled, so sorry for any lack of activity in social media, but I am SO excited about it! Hopefully I'm having a great time and taking lots of travel pictures. I don't know about what you're doing this week, but if you're hanging out at home instead of traveling, I have the best of the internet to keep you company! Even if you're not exploring a foreign country, you can still be out and about exploring some great online content.


One // 12 Ways to Stop Feeling Jealous on the Internet

Ahh, the comparison trap. The internet is the biggest trap for comparing yourself to other people. Everyone seems like they have their lives together, they live the perfect lives, and seem to be so incredibly successful. I get it, on the internet, it's so easy to get jealous about what other people have. Whether you're a blogger that feels jealous about someone with more success or you're someone feeling jealous about someone else's beauty or anything along those lines, there are lots of ways that you can be jealous. This post mentions some ways that you can stop feeling jealous while surfing the web.

Two // Pity Party

This totally reminds me of a party for one, but maybe a bit more mopey. I mean, if you're going to wallow in shame, why not do it in style? This post on Oh Happy Day has the CUTEST decor and photos that will brighten up your day, even if you are feeling pitiful. If you're feeling down in the dumps, honestly, all you need is this pity party to make you feel a little bit better.

Three // Bloggers Get Butterflies Too (Why Blogging is Scary but Totally Worth It)

This post is honest and totally gets the realistic take on how bloggers actually feel. Bloggers can be scared, pressured, and, stressed. There are lots of fears that come around with blogging, because the thing about it is that it's like your inner thoughts are exposed for the world. It leaves you feeling vulnerable whenever you're honest and real. Blogging is scarier than people originally think it is. This post has some blogger takes and opinions on their personal struggles with putting themselves out there, telling other people, and more.

Four // Behind Eugene: The Making of a Viral Video

I watch Buzzfeed videos all the time. The content is entertaining and creative. The videos range from the kinds of things that just make you laugh to some serious topics like LGBTQ discrimination. This video goes behind the scenes of how they make videos. I loved getting to see the shoot and how they prepare for everything, I love getting to see behind the scenes types of things, whether it's videos, movies, blog posts, whatever. This video is both entertaining and also reveals a little about the industry.

Five // Science Says This is How to Recharge from Creative Burnout

I recently posted a post about what you should do when you hit a creative roadblock, since I've definitely been suffering from a lack of ideas. This article is a great extension of what I mentioned in that post, it puts science into play, if you're the kind of person that likes knowing the science behind things. Participants' creativity was tested throughout an experiment. It definitely puts psychology into play, which I found so interesting

What are you doing this week?

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