Remember that one post that I had about making the most of your wardrobe? Guess what? I did just that with this outfit. This outfit definitely was not one of the things that I would have thought of right away, it's definitely a bit more unconventional and out-of-the-box, but so far, I am totally loving this look. I already had all of these pieces in my wardrobe, but I had never thought of putting them together. All you have to do is try out some new combinations and that's what this post is. 

I bet you're wondering, what makes this outfit unconventional? Well, this look is actually a crop top over a dress. I had seen a few other bloggers do this before, but I had never been able to put an outfit together like this before, since I usually don't wear crop tops. However, This look turns out to be seamless. The waistline on the dress is right at the same spot as the bottom of the crop top, so it almost mimics a top and a skirt. The stripes and fruit pattern go surprisingly well together, I mean, stripes go with everything. I love the fruit pattern of this dress, which is from Aritzia. It is definitely a little bit short for my liking, but the pattern is gorgeous! Obviously, the dress on its own is beautiful, but I like how the dress takes on a whole new look, maybe even more casual, with this styling. 

The crop top is from Forever 21, (here's a similar one!) and it literally fits perfectly. It's nice and snug, so that over the dress, it flows right with the dress, almost like I tucked a shirt into a skirt. Somehow, it tones down the look and makes the dress a lot more casual, since the dress actually has a sweetheart neckline, which is generally more formal. I added in the belt to cover up the line between the top and the dress, not because I really needed to cover it up, but because it helps to define things a bit better. 

I also added my recent go-to necklace, which I have been talking about constantly, this necklace from Charming Charlie. If I'm completely honest, this outfit probably would have still worked without it, but it was a nice touch. Since the top is generally simple, I figured that I could add a simple necklace to add a little more to the look. I've mentioned several times about how this necklace can add just a little bit extra, but not to the point that it's too much going on. 

Lastly, I'm wearing a pair of simple brown sandals from ASOS. They originally had gems on them, but a few fell off, so I decided to take them all off and go for a more clean look. The brown color of the sandals matches perfectly with the belt, so the look is clean and cohesive. These sandals are literally SO SIMILAR to the ones that I have, so if you're looking for some like these, this would be my suggestion.

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Crop Top: Forever 21 (Similar) // Dress: Aritzia // Sandals: ASOS (similar)
Necklace: Charming Charlie // Belt: ??? (similar)


  1. This outfit is so adorable, and I never would have guessed that it's not a skirt with a shirt tucked in!

  2. Love the mixing of the prints! So fun :)

    Edye | Http://

  3. Never thought fruit printed fabrics would mesh well with stripes. It's a great outfit combo!
    -Kim :)