Ahh, back to school season. Most of the time, we focus on the typical back to school supplies, like pens, binders, notebooks, etcetera. We think about all of the things that they advertise in the store flyers for back to school. However, we're so caught up in notebooks and graphing paper, while both are essential, that we forget about other things that might come in handy for school. Luckily, I have you covered with eight things that you probably didn't realize you would need or should have for the back to school season. 

No. 1 // File folders

Before, I had never really felt like there was much of a use for file folders. In my mind, they were basically the same as pocket folders, only the things were still susceptible to falling out. However, I'm beginning to see how they can be more useful. My desk is an absolute mess most of the time, with lots of papers covering it. Most of the time, the papers can be grouped together based on common topics, for example, I have a huge stack of chemistry papers on my desk at the moment. The file folders can help to organize my desk and group the similar papers. They're great for organization. I have another friend that uses file folders in class as well, so you can choose what you want to use the file folders for. In addition, they're pretty low priced, I got these super cute ones from the dollar section in Target. Bando and Kate Spade also have some nice ones that are a bit more pricey, but totally worth it. 

No. 2 // A great study candle

Did you know that scent can actually help you study? I would suggest not to use lavender scented candles while studying, it has been proven to increase drowsiness. Citrus scents lessen anxiety and stress, which would be perfect if you're cramming for a test or feeling overwhelmed with work. Rosemary increases alertness, so it would be perfect for pulling all-nighters. You can also use specific scents to help recall certain information. If you use the same candle every time for a certain subject, it may help you associate the scent with the information. Here's an article with more information on how scents can affect your mind.

No. 3 // Pencils that you don't care about

People ask all the time to borrow pencils and we all know that 99% of the time, you're never getting that pencil back. Recently, I've started carrying around some classic wooden pencils to lend out to people, since I don't care whether or not I get them back. In addition, I use these pencils as backup pencils, in case I ever run out of lead in my mechanical pencils or I forget a pencil. But for yourself, feel free to get some nice ones. I've picked some fancy pencils worth showing off that I just might be buying for myself. 

No. 4 // ROBOCOPP's Sound Grenade

Most of the time when we think about school, we sometimes forget to think about safety, especially for me, where I live in a pretty safe place. However, just because somewhere is generally safe, doesn't mean that you shouldn't take precautions. ROBOCOPP's Sound Grenade does just that. It's basically a personal alarm that is the size of a key chain. When you're in danger, all you have to do is pull it and it sends out a 120dB siren, which is as loud as an ambulance. As a young girl, I feel like it's easy to be a target. I have no way to defend myself, I should probably start learning some self-defense, but carrying a personal alarm makes me feel safer. Just knowing that in case of an emergency, I'll have a way to retaliate and protect myself is comforting enough. When I walk down the street at night or sit alone in my car, it gives me an extra sense of security, even if I never do have to pull the alarm.

*I received the Sound Grenade for free in order to collaborate on this post. All opinions and ideas regarding it are my own. 

No. 5 // A spare pair of headphones

I don't know about you, but I hate having to constantly carry around the same pair of headphones. I don't like having to put my headphones in my backpack every day and then forget to do so and not be able to use my headphones during the day. Instead, it's great to have a spare pair of headphones that you can leave in your backpack at all times so that you don't have to keep moving your headphones around. This way, whenever you need to grab them during school, they're right where you expected them to be. I've had my favorite headphones for years and I totally forgot where I got them from, but they're great for noise cancelling. 

No. 6 // A blanket

For me personally, my school gets really cold at times. Some rooms are freezing, even in the summer. That's why I keep a blanket in my locker at all times. I'm not sure how the temperature is at your school and how the school culture is, but keeping a blanket to grab whenever I need it has been a great idea. In my school, I wrap my blanket around me in the hallways and in class and most people either don't acknowledge it at all or tell me that they wish they had brought one too. I'm sure that not all schools would be okay with blankets in class, but if yours is, I highly recommend it for those chilly days. In fact, some of my teachers have even told me that it's a great idea. The one that I carry around with me during school is from Homegoods. Homegoods has a ton of great throw blankets all the time and I'm always tempted to pick up one (or more) whenever I'm there. 

No. 7 // A face mask

Most people love coming back to school after the summer with a great tan or a new wardrobe, but it's just as great to come back from the summer looking refreshed. I'm not super into skincare, but it's a great feeling after a face mask to feel refreshed. It's especially nice to not only maintain your skin but to look great for an event, including the first day of school. I just started using the BB seaweed fresh face mask from Lush cosmetics and it smells great and my skin feels amazing afterwards. I'm looking forward to trying some other masks as well, Lush has some great selections. In addition, the Origins charcoal mask is also great based on my personal experience with it and it doesn't require refrigeration like Lush masks do.

No. 8 // A travel coffee mug

You're definitely going to be a little (or very) tired at the beginning of the school year. Maybe you might be drinking some iced coffee at first, but after some late nights, you might need some caffeine to-go to get you out the door in the morning. I got the pictured travel coffee mug from Anthropologie as a gift from a friend and I love the look of it. Sometimes I'll grab tea on the way out the door if I have time and then drink it in class. If you're looking for something leak proof, the Contigo stainless steel travel mugs are fantastic, they have a lock button that helps to prevent spills. 

I hope that these all helped you somehow and you're more ready for school in a different way. Maybe you didn't realize that you needed these things for school, but guess what, now you do and you're ready for a better school year. I know that it often feels sad to start school again after a great summer, but it's best to stay positive about it. This means getting excited about back to school shopping, some fun agendas, whatever it is that will help you look on the positive side of a new school year. 

When do you start school and what are you looking forward to?


  1. I love this list and totally agree with all of them! I especially like number 3...those pencils never come back, good idea to have extras!

  2. Loved this post! It made me realize that I needed some things that I hadn't thought of, like a blanket and a candle.

    XO, Brooke

  3. Lovely post! Blankets and candles are a must for me too :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

    1. I carry my blanket around all the time and I LOVE it!

  4. Agreed about those pencils! I'm so OCD I hate not getting them back. Headphones are a must I order cheap ones off of Amazon because I can never keep up with them! I love this post!


  5. I love your blog! Your posts are so relatable and positive. :)

  6. I totally agree with travel coffee mugs- gotta have coffee for school!


  7. Rebecca this is such a good post! A lot of posts like this just highlight a few items and they usually seem like they're just thrown together without much thought, but this one is not that at all! I love all of the items you came up with because they're all necessary. Great job!

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! I tried to pick things that are not your simple "go-to" back to school supplies!