Following my return from China, I've been enjoying some great content that I missed out while I was away. Unfortunately, I won't have much free time for reading much longer, because I go back to school tomorrow. Yes, that's right. I'm neither emotionally or physically ready for that, but I guess that I better be soon. So what better way to spend my last day of summer than enjoying the great content that's out on the internet? I've pulled together my favorites of the ones I've recently discovered so that you can enjoy them too.


One // Breakup with Makeup

I love makeup. I think it's fun, it's like making art on your face. And yes, you can absolutely love makeup, but isn't it important to be able to differentiate your identity with makeup? Sophie gets super personal about makeup and I love her points, especially the one about makeup being a double edged sword. Self confidence is one thing, but it's great to be able to be confident even without makeup, like Sophie mentioned, explaining her #BreakupwithMakeup movement.

Two // Confessions of an Anonymous Victoria's Secret Photoshopper

Over the years, we've developed our own idea of what photoshopping is and a negative connotation with it. But isn't it a little different when we hear it from an actual photoshopper? An anonymous Victoria's Secret photoshopper gets real about how and what she retouches, body fixing during the shoot, why we photoshop, and how to stop it. This article really makes you realize that the problems with photoshopping isn't on their end, but it's on our end, in what we expect and praise in society.

Three // Discovering What You Really Want to Do With Your Professional Life

Ahh, the frightening question, "What do you want to do with your life?" I hear this question all the time, and when I say that I don't know, they always tell me that I have plenty of time to think about that. Unfortunately, that's not true. Every day I feel like I'm running out of time with deciding what I want to do with my life. Luckily, this article has some great tips for helping you figure out what you want to do, based on your talents and interests. 

I've mentioned it time after time that I am the QUEEN of judging people. I totally don't mean it, but I can't help it. I'm always trying to kick that habit, especially with the new school year coming up. It's really not easy to make friends when I'm constantly over-analyzing things and judging their flaws. This post has some great mantras to try and help me (and maybe you) stop judging people. It talks how you can stop judging people after you've already started, how it can hurt your perception of people, and of course, the mantras.

Five // Less Than 30 Days

This post talks expectations and preparations for college, since Lola (Macarons in the Morning) has less than 30 days until school starts. Meanwhile, I have less than one. Lucky me. However, this post has some great points on having expectations for the perfect school year and fearing the unknown, the future. School starts soon, but it's no use worrying about it and having big expectations.

Six // The Importance of Women Learning Self Defense

Self defense is SO underrated. I just watched a Buzzfeed video recently on women trying self-defense and that was when I first started thinking about the importance of learning self-defense. Right after that, Cathleen's post on it popped up, basically reinforcing the idea. I try not to think about if something would happen to me, but there are a lot of very real dangers that surround us. While I may want to ignore all of the potential dangers, I need to be prepared in case one threatens me. Right now, I've been carrying around a personal alarm (Get the ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade for 10% with the code, "SUNNYREBECCA"), but I definitely want to get some self-defense skills under my belt sometime soon. 

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