Why is it that finals have to be placed right around the holiday? 'Tis the season to be jolly? With finals, I think not. I feel like these next few weeks leading up to Christmas have quickly become a battle between our desire to enjoy the holidays and our need to study all the time. So which do you do? Do you study all the time and miss out on the holiday cheer or do you indulge and then stress out later when you have realized how much you procrastinated? The answer is pretty obvious, you try and juggle both. But this isn't easy. I know this. You know this. That's right, I've seen those online memes, I've seen your complaints on social media, I'm going through it right now. And since we can all agree that it sucks to struggle with finals during the holiday season, the best thing that we can do is to weather through it and try to make the most of it, so that's what I'm doing. And to make things (hopefully) a little bit easier, I'm sharing some tips so that you can do it all.

One // Holiday candles

Holiday candles are so much fun, you can make your house smell all kinds of festive. You can go for the scent of Christmas trees, the scent of gingerbread, a spicy cinnamon scent, peppermint, and more. Bath and Body Works has a plethora of different Christmas scents at great prices. You can get three wick candles for much cheaper, since they have lots of sales. At the moment, they're selling three wick candles for only $12.50! They're originally $22.50, but I guarantee you that if you wait for the right time, you can easily get a discount, since they have them all the time. I'm personally a fan of sweet scents, but everyone has a different preference and you can pick whichever candle(s) that most get you in the holiday spirit and that you like the most. Light a candle while you're studying for a festive study experience.

Two // Holiday sweaters

Holiday sweaters are so much fun and are so cozy. You can go for a classy fair isle or you can go for a classic ugly Christmas sweater. Wear your holiday sweaters while studying so that you can stay warm, cozy, and in the holiday spirit. I currently only have one holiday sweater, from ASOS, they always have some really nice holiday sweaters that are generally priced pretty well. However, you can get a mass number of holiday sweaters at thrift stores. I found a ton at a local thrift store, although I didn't purchase any. A lot of people only wear holiday sweaters a few times and then they go to the thrift stores, so these are generally in good condition, and it's especially fantastic because you can get holiday sweaters at really cheap prices there. Since you only wear the holiday sweaters during one time of the year, it makes more sense to get something a bit cheaper, so the thrift store is perfect. However, if you want something a bit more trendy and/or classy, I've added some of my favorite holiday sweater picks that I'm definitely eyeing.

Three // Christmas music

Ahh, the go-to staple for holiday festivity. Really, you can't go wrong with Christmas music if you're swamped with exams. While you're having a study cram session, blast your favorite Christmas music. From the classics to modern takes on holiday music, there's so much that you can listen to during the holidays. I advise you to make a holiday playlist so that you can listen to all your favorite holiday tunes while studying. I've created a short little Christmas playlist with a combination of pop Christmas songs and the classics to get you started in order to save you time and energy. After all, during finals, time is crucial and I want you to be able to spend your time well.

Four // Deck the halls!

Creating a festive atmosphere is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit without having to do much. Overly decorate so that you're basically surrounded with the holiday spirit. While you're studying, you can sit by the Christmas tree or by the fireplace and take in the festive atmosphere. With the Christmas spirit surrounding you all the time, you're sure to get into the holiday mood. Decorating is also a great activity that you can do on your study break. It doesn't take long to do and decorating the Christmas tree always gives me that little "It's almost Christmas!" wake up call. After that, you can go back to studying with the decorations surrounding you.

Five // Holiday drinks

Starbucks red cups are fun, but you can make your own holiday drinks at home. Whether it's peppermint hot chocolate or a gingerbread coffee, there are lots of recipes online where you can make your own holiday drinks to sip on while cramming for your exams. I found this post with 5 recipes for Starbucks holiday drinks that would be not only fun to make, but fun to drink. Shake up your normal drip coffee or your hot chocolate mix with something snazzy and festive. I like to put candy canes in my hot chocolate, but I'm sure that you could do the same for coffee for a minty twist. Forget a plain black coffee that you're literally only drinking for the sake of staying up so that you can study longer, indulge in making these holiday drinks instead. Plus, they take about 5-10 minutes to make, so it's the perfect amount of time for a study break!

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