There has been such warm weather lately where I live, and when it comes to decent weather in the winter, it's time for some cute, casual winter dresses. I love wearing dresses, even in the winter, because it's totally different styling than in the summer. Pull out the long sleeve dresses, throw on some tights, pair the look with some boots, etc. It's a whole different experience styling dresses in the winter than in the warm weather. So today I'm showing one of my new favorite winter looks. It's casual yet classy, simple, and makes me feel crazy confident. 

I recently got this dress from Tobi and I'm obsessed. Although it's a little different from my usual style, I am loving it. It's simple, yet elegant, all the while being super comfortable. It's flowy so it allows prime comfort, but it also has long sleeves, which is so nice for the winter. I've been seeing mock neck dresses everywhere, but the thing is, all of the ones that I've seen have been sleeveless. The thing is, I get cold so easily, so wearing a sleeveless dress just wouldn't be comfortable. If I was to wear a sweater, then I would ruin the look. Luckily, this dress makes it so that I can be warm and still get the same look, with the long-sleeves. I wore this dress a couple days ago and I got so many compliments on it, not to mention that I felt great. I felt so confident, so comfortable, and so good with myself. And that's what I look for in clothes. 
I also paired the dress with this necklace from Charming Charlie. I wear this necklace all the time, but I love it with this dress, as it adds a little something extra to the look. A plain black dress is a bit simple, but dress it up with a necklace, and it's a lot more complete. This necklace is also simple, so it doesn't draw too much attention, but rather compliments the look. 

I received the dress for free in a collaboration with Tobi. 

I'm also wearing a pair of black sheer tights. I never know what kind of tights to wear with black dresses, since if I wear opaque black tights, then the look is too dark. Colored tights would look great with this look as well, but I didn't have any, so I settled with these sheer black tights. I think that these tights look great with the dress, not too dark. In addition, it makes the outfit more winter ready. Although tights aren't the warmest, they're still better than nothing at all. 
Over the tights, I'm wearing a pair of red socks. With a look that's so dark, I wanted to add a pop of color. I'm not that into all-black outfits, so the red socks made the outfit a bit brighter. In addition, with the socks, I'm wearing brown Chelsea boots. I wear these booties all the time, they've appeared in countless blog posts. Booties look great with dresses, perfect for the winter, but not as attention-grabbing as knee-high boots. Chelsea boots are so simple and minimalistic, so they match with pretty much everything, including this look. 
In addition to the socks, I wanted to add more color to the look, so I wore a little lipstick. The lipstick color that I'm wearing is a bit darker in real life, it's a bit less pink and a bit more burgundy. It's the Revlon super lustrous lipstick in the color, Black Cherry, number 477.

What I'm Wearing

Dress: Tobi // Necklace: Charming Charlie // Tights: Target (similar)
 Boots: Nordstrom, Summit brand (similar) // Socks: Gap (similar)

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