It's January, which means that we're officially in winter. Although we've been in winter for a while, December still feels warmer. Not only was it still the beginning of winter, but in December, snow is festive, it completes the mood, making it a bit more bearable to stand the cold. But now that the holidays are over, it has hit me, that it is freezing out. However, I still braved the cold, but not without bundling up. This outfit is perfect for the cold weather, but obviously not extremes, probably optimal for a temperature of about 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit. When it's cold, it's important to layer, so I did just that.

I recently got this coat from J. Crew Factory and I LOVE it. Although I was originally not sure about whether or not I wanted it, as I already have quite a few coats and it was a little pricey considering that I wasn't in great need of a coat. However, I had been eyeing it for quite a long time because I absolutely love the look of it. It will go with any outfit and is so stylish. I was a little concerned that it would be too long, since I'm pretty short and longer dresses/coats tend to make me look short, but this was the perfect length, even though I ended up buying a regular size instead of petite. I purchased this coat during Black Friday at 60% off (!!!) and about $107, a fantastic deal, so I bit the bullet and I'm so glad that I did. This coat is not only warm and versatile, but it's so fashionable and makes me feel insanely confident. And that's the goal, right? I wear clothes that make me feel confident and this coat never fails to make me feel incredible. The coat seems to run true to size, normally I have to size up for coats, but according to reviews, I ended up going with my true size, 0. When it arrived, it fit perfectly, even with a thick sweater underneath or even when I wore 2 light layers underneath. Currently, this coat is low in stock at J. Crew Factory, but the main store for J. Crew has a super similar one with more stock, however, it is a lot more pricey.

Under the coat, I wore a warm sweater that I got from Marshall's (here's a similar one). I love the color, I'm a sucker for burgundy, it's just such a gorgeous color and it looks great on my skin tone. It has some really nice detailing at the top, which I think looks fantastic, but also not too busy. It's warm and comfortable and goes perfectly with the jacket, since the light gray is easily matched with. Along with the sweater I'm wearing a pair of high waisted jeans from Gap. Gap's jeans fit me perfectly, they're one of the few places that has sizing that fits my body type. These ones have such a nice wash, but they're a little long at the bottom, so I cuffed them. Not only does the cuffing make the jeans fit better, but the cuffing also adds an extra bit of accessory and pairs well with the booties, which brings me to the Chelsea boots.
I got these last year from Nordstrom and I LOVE them. They're Summit brand, but they are no longer being sold, so here is a similar pair. Like the coat, these boots make me feel so incredibly confident. They match with all my clothes, so I basically wear them every day. They do have a slight heel, but they're still very comfortable and the heel is almost unnoticeable, except since it doesn't have any rubber on the sole, they do click very loudly. However, the style of these boots are gorgeous and I love the way that they look and make me feel.

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Coat: J. Crew Factory (original is low in stock, here's similar one from J.Crew store )
Sweater: Marshall's (similar) // Jeans: Gap
Booties: Nordstrom, Summit brand (similar


  1. Rebecca, this outfit is perfect! I love the high waisted jeans with that sweater.

  2. I'm usually super picky with coats, but I'm in love with yours!!
    xo, Syd