If you didn't know from social media, I recently visited San Francisco over the holiday season. Instead of doing many series of travel diaries, I've decided to condense all of my trip into one post. Think of it as the highlights of my trip. The highlights of what I did and where I ate. San Francisco is such a fun and beautiful city, with cable cars zipping around, pastel houses surrounding you, hills on hills on hills, and a plethora of cuisines. I hope you get a chance to visit San Francisco if you have not been before, since it's such an incredible city. In the meantime, here are the highlights of my trip to San Francisco.

What I Did

Here's a quick list of all of the places that I visited while in San Francisco, but I'm only going to explicitly talk about a few of them.
Coit Tower
China Town
Fisherman's Wharf
Union Square
Lands End
Muir Woods
Sausalito (slightly out of San Francisco)
Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39
Ghirardelli Square
17 Mile Drive (slightly out of San Francisco)

And here's some of the highlights of what I did: 

Painted Ladies: Honestly, I just went here for the Insta. The Painted Ladies are absolutely gorgeous houses, with vibrant colors that are sooooo instagrammable. Given, a lot of the houses in San Francisco are as well, with their pastel colors and fun architecture, but the Painted Ladies are famous. Not to be confused with the Full House house, which they often are, the Painted Ladies are not the place where Full House takes place. However, they're such beautiful homes that I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of. 

Lands End: A beautiful gem that is often overlooked by tourists, Lands End is a park with a gorgeous view. With approximately a 3 mile walk (3 miles there and back, 1.5 miles one way), Lands End is a great place to do some walking. 3 miles seems like a lot, but with the view, you easily forget how much you've walked. There is some incline while you walk though, so keep this in mind and dress accordingly with comfortable shoes. From the trail, there are quite a few lookout points with incredible views of the water, the landscape, and the Golden Gate bridge. I went in the morning, so it was a nice refreshing early walk, as there were few visitors, most of them were dog walkers. Bring some water and put on your walking shoes if you're planning to visit Lands End. And don't forget to charge up your camera, those views are totally Insta worthy. 

The Golden Gate Bridge: Obviously a must see. The iconic 3-mile long Art-Deco style bridge is what usually first comes to mind when you think San Francisco. Once called "the bridge that couldn't be built", the Golden Gate bridge stands tall, representing the city. It's not essential that you cross this bridge, but it is a must-see that you should still check out, as there are tons of places, such as Lands End, that offer a great view of the bridge. I ended up crossing it, as it was necessary to get to Sausalito, but it isn't really a must to cross if you have no where to be on the other side of the bridge. (note: this picture of the bridge below is taken from Lands End)

Just for kicks: During the holiday season, there was a holiday event at the Westin hotel in Union Square. A 12-foot castle, weighing about 600 pounds, made entirely out of sugar was made to celebrate the holidays. Made by Pastry Chef Jean-Francois Houdré, there were actually two castles on display, one brown one and one white one. The white one looks a lot more like a fairytale castle and the brown one looks a lot more realistic, like a true castle. I just think that it's absolutely crazy how it's possible to create such a large and incredible masterpiece, entirely out of sugar. It reminds me a lot of the holiday train exhibition at the New York botanical gardens, since it has a similar concept, it is a series of landmarks made out of natural materials, such as leaves and twigs. Both these castles and the train exhibition use interesting materials to create something beautiful. 

What I Ate

Let's be real, I ate a lot while I was in San Francisco. A lot of really great meals. Since I ate so much, I'm only featuring the highlights, the best places that I ate at. 

Urth Caffe: I actually visited Urth while I was outside of San Francisco, in Laguna beach, but I still decided to throw it into this post (see other locations here). There was a huge line when I got there, but it was worth the wait. Urth has a huge menu, with lots of choices, but I opted for the breakfast option. They have the biggest coffees, complete with gorgeous Instagrammable latte art, some healthy options, drool-worthy desserts, as well as some creative dishes. I got the stuffed french toast, which was essentially two pieces of french toast stacked on top of each other, with Nutella and bananas in the middle. It was so delicious. I mean, french toast, nutella, and banana? It was so sweet and I absolutely loved it. I also had a strawberry banana smoothie along with it, so I was very happy with this meal. 

Boudin: Clam chowder on Fisherman's Wharf is a good idea. Boudin, the famous San Francisco sourdough bakery, is such a fun store and also serves fantastic clam chowder. At the store, you can actually see them making the bread and they make the bread in some amazingly creative shapes, like bears, crabs, snowmen, and more. They even made a wreath OUT OF BREAD. Isn't that crazy? A wreath of bread and bread ornaments? Boudin makes the holidays fun. The clam chowder was also delicious, the sourdough bread bowl is particularly popular, but since I don't like sourdough, I opted for a normal bowl of soup and still enjoyed it. 

Ghirardelli: Visit Ghirardelli Square and indulge on chocolate and ice cream. In the shop, you can not only see how they make the chocolate, but they also have a little old-fashioned ice cream parlor. They have coffees, hot chocolates, milkshakes, sundaes, and more, all incorporating Ghirardelli chocolate into them. I opted for a milkshake, I can't remember what flavor milkshake I got, but it was delicious. I always love going to the Ghirardelli stores, the ice cream is delicious and I love the style of the ice cream parlor, it's retro and cute. 

What are your favorite spots in San Francisco?


  1. This is such an amazing post, you really captured the city's beauty in every picture you took! I hope you enjoyed your lil' getaway x

    1. I did! Glad that you enjoyed the post!
      Rebecca xo