Although I love posting some more dressy outfits on the blog, it's nice to keep it real with more casual looks as well. This one is still a more dressy look, but it's dressy casual. It's the kind of thing that is perfect for day-to-day things, or for going out with friends, shopping, and other activities. In this outfit, I aimed for a color scheme of burgundy and black. I love wearing burgundy, I feel like it's such a great color for the winter and it also looks great on me, no matter what style it is. I paired it with black, because black is timeless, plus it goes great with the wine color. 

I'm wearing this wine colored cardigan, which is a bit oversized, but I like that style. There's just something that I love about oversized sweaters. They're comfortable, and they make me feel stylish. This one is no exception. It also has little slits on the sides, adding a bit of extra style to a simple look. I got this cardigan from Tobi, and I love it's style meets function. It's warm and cozy, but it also looks great, especially because the color can make the entire outfit. Underneath the cardigan, I'm wearing a simple black mock neck top from Urban Outfitters (Cooperative brand). This top is also very simple, but it has somewhat of a chevron pattern of stitching, which adds something a little extra to the simple look. I tucked this top into my jeans, since it's quite a long top and I honestly love tucking in tops to my jeans, since it has such a clean look. 
On top of the Urban Outfitters mock neck top, I'm wearing this small, delicate necklace from Charming Charlie. Like the sweater and top, it is also a very simple piece. However, as all of these simple pieces come together, it can still make for a stylish look. Just because the pieces on their own are plain, doesn't mean that the outfit will be. Also very simple, I wore a pair of jeans from Gap. These ones have a light wash on them, which I think adds a bit more contrast to the top than dark jeans would have. Although I tend to lean towards the darker jeans, I feel as though this wash is a lot more appropriate to the look. 

I received the sweater for free in a collaboration with Tobi. 

Along with those simple pieces, I've added some more attention-grabbing pieces as well. I'm carrying this bag from Tory Burch, that matches the top and continues on the overarching color scheme. I love how this bag, also can be so simplistic, but still is somewhat of a statement piece. It's structured so nicely, and I love the little gold accents and the subtle logo. I'm not a big fan of loud logos, I prefer more subtle implementation of logos. 
Lastly, I'm wearing a pair of lace-up flats to tie together (pun intended) the whole look. These flats are the same color as the cardigan, continuing with the color scheme, and these shoes are a bit more attention-grabbing, more of a statement piece, which contrasts against the more simplistic pieces. These flats are so nice, the lace-up flats look is super instagrammable, and I feel like these really complete the look. These shoes are from Steve Madden

What I'm Wearing

Top: Urban Outfitters (similar) // Sweater: Tobi // Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Charming Charlie // Shoes: Steve Madden // Bag: Tory Burch (similar)


  1. I am absolutely loving those shoes! Great post!