This Saturday, March 25th at 8:30-9:30pm in your local time is Earth Hour. It's essentially a set time where mass numbers of people power off. This means no lights, no technology, no electricity. (However, I think heat is okay!) The point of Earth hour is to increase awareness for global warming and spread the message about sustainability rather than actually saving energy. Although there is some controversy regarding global warming, I personally believe that regardless of whether or not it exists, we should still play our part in caring for the planet. Earth Hour doesn't have to be about sitting in the dark and I encourage you to throw a party to make it fun while also helping raise awareness.

Earth Hour Party - Sunny Rebecca

Mood Lighting

The lights are out. Now what? Spruce your party up with some mood lighting. Light some candles, add some aesthetically pleasing lanterns, put out those battery powered string lights, and use them to light up the party. Just because the lights are out for Earth Hour, doesn't mean that the party isn't lit. I think that the lighting and the ambiance makes the party just entirely different. Sure, lots of parties are dark, but this one is illuminated by candles, pretty golden lanterns, and more. The atmosphere of the candles just makes for a very calming, wind-down kind of party. 


All the time when I go to parties, we have this issue of cell phones. We're constantly distracted by them that it's often difficult to actually get through activities without people losing interest or putting the game on hold in order to check their updates on their phone. For Earth Hour, there are countless activities that you can do with your friends. Here are some ideas:


You don't have to be the next Van Gogh or Frieda Kahlo in order to have fun painting. Did you know that there are literally classes made for people that don't know how to paint to just drop by, paint a simple template (while drinking wine)? You can do the same at home. Look up some simple painting tips, set out a still-life or what not, and have all your guests try their hand at painting, no matter how much experience they have with it.

Board games

Family game night! Pull out the Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, whatever your favorite board game is, and indulge in a classic family game night. In the time and age we live in where most of the games we play are in an app on our phones, there's just something so refreshing about sitting down and playing a real board game. I always loved board games and I'm always up for one. Without technology to distract you, you and your friends are free to get as involved and competitive in the game as they want. Sometimes you can just get lost in a board game and that's possible again when the electronics are put away, even if it's just for an hour.

Card games

Recently, I've been seeing a reemergence of card games out there, more than the simple 52 cards in a deck kind of thing. From everything from Cards Against Humanity to new, similar games, like Most Likely To, card games are still a fun time, especially with great company. Yes, of course, you can play the classic card games, Poker, Blackjack, etc., but I really do enjoy playing the new card games.

Arts and Crafts

Newsflash, arts and crafts isn't just for kids. Whether it's something a simple as origami (it's actually not that simple to do, but simple in terms of amount of materials necessary), or something like scrapbooking, arts and crafts is a great way to get that creativity going. Maybe even look for a Pinterest DIY that you and your guests can create during Earth Hour. That way, the party can be something fun and enjoyable, but it also offers the guests something to take home from the party, assuming that all turns out well. Some ideas for arts and crafts: Origami, scrapbooking, making collages (because those catalogs and magazines are good for something), and painting mugs. However, there are so many choices. Just do a little pre-party crafting research and you're on your way to a crafty Earth Hour.

Build a blanket and a pillow fort

Blankets. Pillows. Candles. Try to make the prettiest blanket/pillow for that you can. Drape it with string lights and put some lanterns around and you've got an instant Instagram moment, not just that but also a great hang out spot. This is great to combine with some of the other activities, like seriously, playing Monopoly in a blanket fort? Sounds pretty good to me! However, be warned. Don't let your blankets catch on fire from the candles. Stay safe in your pillow fort building endeavors.

Although Earth Hour is technically only one hour, you can extend it as you please! For hosting an Earth Hour Party, you can turn off the lights and unplug the electronics before and after the designated hour. Although Earth Hour is really aimed for getting out word regarding environmental sustainability, it's also a great incentive to have some good, wholesome fun and enjoy the night like the good 'old days, before technology was all that we could think about. In addition, it encourages quality time with friends, free of interruptions, where you can just lose yourself in good company.

Will you be celebrating Earth Hour?

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