They say that you can't fully understand someone until you step into their shoes, but what about their clothes? Quite a few months ago, I decided to swap clothes with a friend for a week. My friends and I have a list of challenges to do, encouraging each other to step out of our comfort zones and try these challenges in order to rack up points. One of these tasks was swapping clothes with someone for a week. And I accepted the challenge.

I Swapped Clothes with a Friend for a Week - Sunny Rebecca

I just wanted to put it out there that this occurred in August or September of 2016, but it never really occurred to me to write about it until now. Although I don't have outfit pictures for every day of the clothing swap, I wanted to focus on the process and what the experience was like, because at the end of the day, clothes are just clothes. For the challenge, we also decided that this was going to be a full-on clothing swap. That meant that we weren't just going halfway, switching a top with someone else, but we were going with the full look, including accessories, but excluding shoes.

Step One: Finding a Friend to Swap Clothes With

I'm a small person. I'm just naturally pretty short and skinny. Because of that, I had a lot of trouble finding a friend that was the same size as me. Luckily, this friend (her name is Hannah) that was the same size as me also has a similar sense of style, making the clothing swap much easier. She knew about the challenge and was not only able to swap clothes with me, but was willing and got on board as soon as I mentioned it.

Step Two: Swapping the Clothes

In order to best swap our clothes, we each visited the other's closet and we worked together to come up with outfit combinations. We counted the week as 5 days, 5 weekdays, so we created 6 outfits so that we could have a backup if necessary. My other friends that were doing the clothing swap challenge decided to bring clothes for someone else every day so that they could change, but Hannah and I thought that it would be best to spend some time before the week planning the outfits, so that we would just take home all of the clothes for the week at once. Honestly, I think that the hardest part for me was parting with some of my clothes. I found myself unwilling to trust some of my favorite pieces in the hands of someone else, regardless of who that was. Hannah gave me some clothes that she didn't really wear as often, so it was kind of fun to see pieces that she had that I had never seen before.

Step Three: Wearing Them

I think that the best thing about swapping clothes with someone is that because of this, you already have an outfit planned out. Every day for the week, I could roll out of bed, pick up a pre-planned outfit from the bag of clothes, and be on my way. Wearing someone else's clothes made me feel like I was wearing brand new clothes. They were new, at least, they felt new to me. It's kind of like the rush of buying brand new clothes and wearing them, you're thinking to yourself about how great you look, and you do look great. Wearing brand new clothes offers a new type of confidence that the sweater that you wear every week just doesn't have. Every day of the week, I got compliments. Hannah got compliments too. People would say, "You look nice today!" or "I love your dress!" And let's be real, sometimes compliments can just fuel positivity. They can make you feel confident and in a great mood. And it was like that every day. Eventually, people caught onto the fact that we were swapping clothes, since every time I got a compliment, I would say, "Thanks! It's Hannah's dress! [or other article of clothing]" And it was like everyone was in on it, but in the best way.

The Takeaway

It is absolutely worth swapping clothes with someone. For me, clothes are like a second skin, they help to shape my mood and confidence. What I wear reflects how I'm feeling and also how I want the day to go. Wearing someone else's clothes is an adventure. It makes you feel like you're not quite yourself, but it makes you feel like a slightly different version of yourself, especially if the friend you swap clothes with has a very different style. For example, Hannah wears ripped jeans a lot and gave me two pairs of ripped jeans to wear throughout the week. I never wear ripped jeans. On top of that, they were lighter jeans and I usually don't wear light jeans, but rather dark ones. Wearing something a little different than what I usually wore was exciting. Yeah, it was definitely a bit more of a challenge to get my pants on in the morning without sticking my foot through the rip on the knee, but it was worth it.
If you're like my other friends that tackled this challenge, they wore clothes that were completely different than they usual styles. Sometimes just wearing someone else's clothes can make you feel like you're stepping a tiny bit out of your comfort zone, and that itself is an adventure to me. On top of that, I get bored with my clothes all the time. Swapping clothes with someone else was a refreshing way to change things up, get a new wardrobe (even it's though a temporary one) to freshen up your every day look.

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I think that the main takeaway from this experience is that sometimes it's a good thing to change up your every day look. Go on an adventure. That doesn't mean that you need to travel to a faraway country in order to experience that adventure, sometimes it's as little as this, just swapping clothes with someone else. It makes you feel a little bit different, a little bit out of your comfort zone, but also incredibly confident and makes your day(s) a tiny bit more exciting than the usual daily grind.


  1. What a fun idea Rebecca!
    xo, Syd

  2. Sometimes a friend in my PE class will switch lockers after class and put on each others clothes. We have PE first thing in the morning, our clothes are still fresh. The first time we switched clothes, it was a cold morning. My friend had a jacket that looked warm, I asked if we could swap jackets. We ended up switching everything and wore each other's clothes that day. It was fun. We did it again a few days latter. Other people start doing it to. Now when you go to school you never know what or who’s clothes you’ll be wearing that day.

    1. That sounds really cool! It's interesting how it became a trend!
      Rebecca xo