Hi friends! It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm back. Recently, I've been feeling a lack of inspiration for blogging, but I'm back and I'm going to try and stay active. Since it's been a while, the weather has been changing and now it's officially summer. And with summer, comes some fun new styles. I've been noticing an off the shoulder trend, not only this summer, but also the previous one and I'm finally ready to get on board. Although I was hesitant at first, I'm with the trend now that I've had enough of pining after them on Pinterest. 

I had been a little hesitant about off-the-shoulder styles in the past, thinking that it was just a trend, but after seeing the styles from last year carry over to this summer, I know that it's not just a trend. I finally took the leap with this dress from Forever 21, which has simple blue and white stripes and is lined with pom poms. I love this dress, especially because it's relatively inexpensive, so I could step into the off-shoulder style without breaking the bank. At first, the elastic made me a little uncomfortable, the biggest inconvenience with off shoulder styles is that it does restrict your arm movements. This dress does do so, but the elastic at the top is also pretty stretchy, which makes it a bit more comfortable. I think that it all really came down to getting used to the feeling. 

With the dress, I wore my black sandals. These ones have little tassels at the back of them and a slight heel. I got them from DSW, but they are no longer in stock there. However, the same ones are in stock at Macy's. I really like these shoes because they make me feel confident. They're dressy, so they can be worn with a more formal outfit, but they can also be worn on an every day basis to dress up a simple outfit. While they have a small heel, they are still comfortable for every day wear, but maybe not for walking-intensive days. 
I accessorized the look with my watch from Daniel Wellington. It's rose gold with a leather band. Like with this dress, this watch was also a step into something new. In the past, I never wore watches with the exception of a Swatch watch for a brief period of time a very long time ago. I had been considering trying out a watch and I ended up taking the leap and purchased this Daniel Wellington watch, as I liked how simplistic it was, especially compared to some more flashy fashion watches. I find that it goes with basically any outfit, and although I use it more to accessorize, I still find myself checking the time on it every now and then. 

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Dress: Forever 21 // Watch: Daniel Wellington // Shoes: DSW

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