As a 24/7 "can't see without them" glasses wearer, every year, getting a new pair of glasses with a new prescription was something that I hated. I hated having to look at myself and look different and I hated when people noticed that I had changed them. Despite the compliments that they gave me, having this change put on display for everyone made me feel insecure. It's not just glasses, it's other forms of change. I still haven't updated to the new iOS that everyone else updated months ago, because I don't want to see a new format on my phone. It's comfortable to keep what's familiar.

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Whether it's something as small as a new pair of glasses, an iOS update, or a giant life change, change isn't always my favorite thing. But at the same time, I know that change can be for the better.

Change is like stepping into the pool. When you first get in, it feels completely freezing, you don't want to put your whole body in just yet. But eventually, you realize that it's not so bad and ease yourself into it. 

The point is, soon enough, although you might hate it at first, change isn't unbearable. The discomfort that comes along with change is only temporary. That said, the pool comparison doesn't necessarily explain the benefits of change, but that's because the benefits extend much further than with a mere pool, there's so much more than that. And I'm explaining why.

one. you could realize that you love the change. 

Back to the glasses story, I hated getting new glasses. I purposely looked for glasses that were similar to the ones that I already had because I hated change. But guess what? A year later, I felt the exact same feeling of comfort with those glasses that I initially hated, unwilling to let go of them. In fact, when I look back at pictures of myself in my previous glasses, the ones that I had loved so much, and I cringe. They looked terrible on me. They fit my face horribly. I realized that the change was for the better. These new glasses had a much better fit for me. I loved the change. The thing about change is that you might not like it at first, but you could love this change. In fact, it could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you, but you wouldn't ever know until you made the leap.

two. change can mean becoming better. 

Okay, I'm still referencing the glasses, but that's because they're the perfect parallel to what I'm trying to say. Change is about doing things that will improve you and/or your life. The new glasses, although initially daunting, improved my confidence with my appearance. These changes can be something that you love, but they can also improve your life. Whether it's affecting your well-being, career path, goals, whatever, change can be like steps, taking steps forward. If you never changed, you would just be standing in the same place, never moving ahead. Let change drive your life forward, constantly letting these changes lead to little improvements every day.

three. it teaches you to adapt.

With the world constantly changing, we need to adapt to our surroundings. Whether it's getting to understand a new technology in order to get ahead in the future or whether it means hopping onto a new style of fashion in order to find a different kind of confidence, you are often forced to adapt. Some things are small, but they give you practice in adapting to new things. When change happens, you don't always have control over it. In this case, you are forced to adapt. But when you choose to change, the adaptation is voluntary, you can control how much you need to adapt and at what pace. In this case, you can practice adapting. When you are forced to adapt, you must put that practice to the test.

four. it gives you a chance to start over.

The great thing about change is that it can be anything from a tiny difference to a total life change. Sometimes, we want that life change, we need it. Ever messed up? I have. Guess what? With change, you can start over, completely change your life and love it. Ever been disappointed with your life? Change it. Change can transform feelings of dismay into whatever you want within a blink of an eye. Who cares things aren't going well? All you have to do is change.

five. change can be exciting. 

There's nothing more boring than falling into routine. Yeah, I love the efficiency of routines, but they become a total bore, nothing more than everything on repeat. Change can be exciting. It's like the anticipation of excitement for your birthday party or a vacation. Putting something new into your life can be something to shake up your life, give you a bit of excitement and entertainment. After all, life is meant to be exciting, so why not add some change to shake things up a bit?

What will you change next?


  1. I dreaded having to get new lenses, but change can certainly have it's upsides!
    xo, Syd

  2. change is hard, but all your pints are so true--and you're a better person for change! Thanks for sharing girlie!0-Katelyn.