Remember that post about why change is good? Well, let's hope you agree, because I'm changing things up. Say goodbye to Sunny Rebecca and hello to Bloomly!

While Sunny Rebecca has been fun, it's time to move on to new things. I started Sunny Rebecca not knowing exactly where I was going. I knew that I wanted to blog, but I never knew what direction I wanted to go in. I read countless advice blogs telling me about how important it was to find a focus, but I could never really find one. Over the years, Sunny Rebecca has been constantly changing. Throughout my years of blogging, I've changed and I have learned new things along the way. While it started out as a place to talk about fashion and style, that's not really what it is anymore and I don't think that I want it to be like that anymore either.

This new change is more me and is centered around the content style that I've been heading towards throughout the year. If you've been a loyal Sunny Rebecca reader, you would know that I've been posting much more content about personal growth and self-love, and that's what I want Bloomly to be about.

The name, Bloomly, matches the direction that I've been heading in and I want to continue heading in. Bloomly will be about growth in life and reaching your best self - through traveling in order to enrich your life with unforgettable experiences, through using style as a means of expression rather than merely aesthetic, and through the everyday things that are constantly influencing our lives.

Bloomly offers content that will help you grow, bloom, and flourish in everything that you do.

Back to that post about the benefits of change, yes, that was totally meant to foreshadow this, but the points stand. Changing is exciting and it's also a chance to make progress, to improve. With this new change, although scary, I'm hoping that Bloomly, too, can grow, bloom, and flourish.

With the rebranding, I want to make my blog mean something, I want it to mean more. Sunny Rebecca didn't have a purpose, but Bloomly does. Sunny Rebecca was about me, but Bloomly is about us. When I started blogging, I was copying other bloggers and their styles, but now I'm getting my own style and my own direction. Bloomly is about my growth and how I'm striving to be my best self, but it's also about helping you do the same, together.

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