While I always try to share some my experiences and stories of some rough patches that I have gone through in life, I love to hear experiences from others, since I feel like hearing their stories allows me to connect with them on similarities between what we've encountered and also hearing what they've learned from them.

I created Bloomly in order to find my best self and help you all as readers (hopefully) to do the same, to have advice and to hear my stories and hopefully find yourself in them. But my voice and my stories only go so far. Because of that, I've decided to create a new mini-series on Bloomly dedicated to showing some new voices and stories of personal growth. Not just those stories that merely scrape the surface, but the nitty gritty kind, that's kind of scary to admit.

What is this series?

This series, which I'm titling, Hindsight, is going consist of guest posts from various bloggers (and maybe even non-bloggers in the future) sharing their stories on Bloomly about any personal experience that they might have encountered that reflects personal growth, self-improvement, and/or struggles with mental health. The point of the series would be to encourage people to speak honestly, maybe even talking about some topics that are scary and what we have learned from these experiences.

This series is getting honest about some of our life experiences through the voices of guest bloggers sharing their stories. 

Why is it called Hindsight?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of hindsight is perception of the nature of an event after it has happened.

There are some things that might seem like the absolute end of the world in the moment or made you feel like it was plaguing you to the point that it was hard to breathe. Those are the experiences that Hindsight is going to be covering, the moments that might have been rough in the moment, but with reflection, we have seen how they have made us who we are today.

The Hindsight series is about looking back on experiences that shaped who we are and have helped us grow, which we only see now with hindsight.

Maybe they made us stronger, helped us find new passions, forged friendships. These are the experiences that have helped us grow, but we only see that now with hindsight. It's a series about reflection from the bloggers featured, but also what they have learned from these experiences that is worth sharing for people going through similar situations.

The central theme of Hindsight is reflection, revisiting tough moments with a new perception, maybe one of triumph for getting past it, or thankfulness for how it has shaped who we are for the better, or maybe new compassion for others that have gone through similar experiences.

Hindsight aims to offer guidance on tough issues and also remind everyone that these struggles are not forever, not the end of the world, and not to be feared talking about and admitting. It is okay to feel stressed or scared or confused or uncomfortable. Everyone feels that way sometimes. Moreover, getting past those experiences can help you grow, how we can make light on those dark moments.

The Hindsight series aims to make light of the dark moments that we have in our lives. 

Posts for the Hindsight series will be beginning next week, on Wednesdays, and then my Saturday posts will remain the same, content written by me, not guest bloggers.

Hope you're excited for hearing some stories and indulging in this series, because I know I am.

If you have a story that you're willing to share about a personal experience that inspired growth in your life, I would love to have you share it as a part of the series! If you're interested in guest blogging for the Hindsight series, send me an email at thebloomly@gmail.com and let me know!

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