All over the internet, I see hairstyle tutorials claiming to be "quick and easy", but they look far from it and usually I can never successfully recreate it. Because of that, I decided to test hairstyles that I found on Pinterest that claim to be "quick and easy" to see if that's really true.

My level of hair expertise is pretty limited. I wear my hair down everyday because I'm a) too lazy to style it and b) I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to styling hair. My abilities are restricted to ponytails (after a considerable amount of effort) and simple braids. No fancy French braiding or dutch braiding, I'm all about the basics. So this will be an adventure.

What's my judging criteria?

In order to best describe the test to figure how just how "quick and easy" these hairstyles were, I established some criteria in order to judge them. Therefore on each hairstyle, I have listed the learning time for the hairstyle, the time that it takes to execute the hairstyle (post learning), my ranking for its difficulty, and then my ranking for its level of style. 

Here's some more in-depth explanations of each part of my criteria. 

  • Learning time:  Since I had never tried these hairstyles before, I expected that the time to create these hairstyles would be a little longer, since I needed to learn them. Because of that, I timed how long it took for me to learn how to create these looks in order for your to gauge the difficulty.
  • Time to execute:  Once I had figured out how to do these hairstyles, I timed how long it took for me to do the hairstyle, a more accurate time for everyday wear. 
  • Difficulty:  On a scale from 1-10, 1 being easiest and 10 being the most difficult, I ranked how easy these hairstyles really were for me.
  • Style:  A big part of Pinterest hairstyles is the style factor, how pretty they actually are. However, some of them, although they might be quick, aren't always looking exactly how Pinterest shows it in the image. Therefore I ranked how stylish I thought each hairstyle was on a range of 1 to 10, 10 being most stylish. 

2 Minute Low Braided Bun [link to pin]

This braided bun was surprisingly easy. I was expecting it to be a bit more complicated, thinking surely it can't take only 3 minutes, but I was wrong. This hairstyle is simple and straightforward. Thankfully, you can get away with being pretty messy with this style, but it's super secure and won't fall out, unlike some other buns. I only needed 2-4 bobby pins to secure this bun and tuck away some strays, but the other strays I just left out and it still looks nice. 

While it doesn't look exactly like the picture in the pin, I think that it looks pretty close! You can't see the braids that well because the braid was falling out a bit, but for the most part, it's pretty similar. 

Would I do this hairstyle again? Maybe, actually. It's a pretty nice hairstyle and has a bit of elegance to it. It's also actually super easy and quick, so this pin was a win. 

Learning time: 4 minutes
Time to execute: 2 minutes
Difficulty: 2/10
Style: 8/10

Flower Braid [link to pin] 

This hairstyle was listed in an article by Cosmopolitan called, "15 Hairstyles for Super Lazy Girls Who Can't Even", so I picked it, because I'm pretty lazy. This one is probably the one that I expected to go wrong, since the final product looks so nice, way beyond my skill-set. However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. I ended up getting it on the FIRST try.

Mine is a lot less clean and more messy than the article's but I'd say that it still looks pretty nice. It doesn't really look like a flower, but it still looks good, more like a messy braided mini-bun. The biggest problem with this pin is getting the braid into a flower, I just can't get it in that shape. While it's not as refined as the picture shows it, it's still pretty stylish.

Learning time: 3 minutes
Time to execute: 3 minutes
Difficulty: 2.5/10
Style: 7.5/10

Easiest Curls Ever [link to pin]

This hairstyle is from the same Cosmopolitan article, being called the "easiest curls ever". Basically, you put your hair up in a ponytail and then separate sections of the ponytail and curl them, then take out the ponytail, but you can click on the pin to see that and recreate it.

In terms of ease, this was super easy and straightforward. Unlike the other Pinterest hairstyles, this one needs no additional learning time. However, it's success also kind of depends on your hair type. I have relatively thick hair and it's also naturally thin, which makes curling a bit more difficult for me. In addition, since my hair isn't that long, once I had it in a ponytail, there wasn't a lot left to curl, which left less curls than I would have liked.

With a thinner curling iron, and maybe longer hair, I could see these being potentially the easiest curls ever, especially if you have thinner hair. However, based on my hair type, it just wasn't as successful as I bet it could have been. 

Learning time: none
Time to execute: 4 minutes
Difficulty: 1/10
Style: 5.5/10

Messy Bun [link to pin]

I've never really felt like messy buns look good on me and I have also never been very good at doing them, but I decided to go ahead and try this one. It's claimed to take less than 2 minutes, but for me it took a bit longer, since I'm not great at high ponytails. 

I did manage to get my hair up but it doesn't look nearly as stylish as in the picture. While the other one looked pretty chic, mine looks messier. But, I mean, I guess it is supposed to be a messy bun. This one was not my favorite and I probably won't wear it again, but yeah, it's a simple messy bun that can get your hair out of your face, but for me, it wasn't really as stylish as I had hoped it to be. 

Learning time: 3 minutes
Time to execute: 3 minutes
Difficulty: 2/10
Style: 5/10

Everyday Flip Twist Ponytail [link to pin]

Okay, I have no idea how this hairstyle took me so long because the instructions were pretty simple. I had a little trouble with this one, since whenever I twisted my hair back it always came loose. You can see in the picture that on the right, the twist is a little loose. 

The pin requires you to curl your hair, which I kind of did, relying on the curls from the last pin for the "easiest curls ever", which weren't really that prominent. In terms of time, it's not hard to get the ponytail and twirls up, but you also have the added time of having to curl your hair, which to me doesn't seem so quick anymore. While all the steps are pretty easy, the time that it takes to curl your hair to prep for this hairstyle really adds on a lot of time. 

Learning time: 10 minutes
Time to execute: 2 minutes (minus the hair curling, it takes me about 20 minutes to curl usually)
Total time to execute: 22 minutes
Difficulty: 2.5/10
Style: 5.5/10

So what's the verdict?

I have to admit, all of these Pinterest hairstyles were pretty easy and quick (with exception of the flip twist ponytail, which wasn't that quick). However, the main problem with Pinterest hairstyles isn't that they're not easy and quick, it's that they look perfect and it's difficult to make your hair as pretty as the picture looks. Regardless, these turned out nicely, although not mirroring the images from the pins, they still look wearable. I guess with a little practice, any hairstyle can become quick and easy, just be prepared to be okay with having it look a little bit messy. 

I Tested Pinterest Hairstyles to See How Quick and Easy They Really Are

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  1. These are great and they don't look too difficult! I'm the worst at doing my hair.