As someone who is an avid lover of her comfort zone, sometimes I need a little push to get out there and do things that I otherwise wouldn't. I see Pinterest quotes everywhere telling me about the importance of saying yes to new adventures. But do I follow them? Not really. So I decided to see what would happen if I followed that advice. In order to experience that, I decided to try it, spending an entire day saying yes to absolutely everything (within reason, of course). Here's my adventure and what I learned from it.

I Said Yes to Everything for a Day

9:30 AM. Yes to donuts.

If I was going to say yes to everything for a day, I figured that it should include my cravings too. Partially because I had been madly craving a donut for the past week but also because I aimed to push myself out of my comfort zone during the day and I think that I needed a win to start off the day with. Despite my crying wallet and my miniscule sliver of health consciousness, I headed to a local donut shop, not just a Dunkin' Donuts, but one of those aesthetic but pricey donut shops.

11:30 AM. Yes to unexpected plans. 

I'm just going about my normal business, I had just eaten my delicious donut and I'm about to get some work done and eat lunch. Surprise! Some of my friends text asking if I'm interested in going out to the park with them. Normally, I hate unexpected plans, I like getting a heads up, so I would usually either decline or give a vague answer just in case I decide that I'm not up for it. However, today I was saying yes to everything, so guess what my answer was? My friend said that she would drop by to pick me up at 12:30, which gave me about an hour to get ready, prep lunch, and eat.

Although totally last minute, which I kind of hated, I actually had a good time. Since we didn't have any solid plans for what we would do, a result of being spontaneous, we ended up walking around the park and then just sitting down and talking. And honestly? It was so refreshing. To be able to just sit down, talk, no phones, hanging out in the park, was relaxing and just what I needed. Somehow the spontaneity of the plans made it not stressful, but relaxing.

3:30 PM. Yes to ice cream.

Suddenly, what looked like a scary, step out of your comfort zone kind of day turned into a day of giving into cravings. My friends suggested that we stop by an ice cream place, one that I had never been to, and guess what, I said yes. Ended up with a heaping cup of salted caramel mocha chip ice cream, 3 scoops to be exact, even though I got the smallest size. This is why I love America, even the smallest sizes are still large quantities of delicious food that I probably shouldn't be eating.

What's the takeaway?

Throughout the day, I'll be honest, I wasn't really pushed out of my comfort zone much. The thought of having to say yes to everything is scary, it makes you imagine doing all kinds of things that you probably wouldn't do. However, I wouldn't expect for you to be going on any crazy adventures just from saying yes for a day.

My day wasn't actually that different by saying yes to everything. Honestly, it was pretty much the same as always. I did say yes to something that maybe I wouldn't have, going out with my friends unexpectedly, it wasn't completely out of bounds. However, by being open to to possibility of heading out with no plan ended up being exactly what I needed.

The truth is, saying yes to things doesn't mean that you have to do things that make you uncomfortable. It doesn't mean that your day will go completely out of your hands. 

 Saying yes just means being open to the possibilities. 

When I started this, just thinking about saying yes to everything made me nervous. But in reality, on a day to day basis, saying yes isn't that hard and it's also not that unreasonable. It's way easier than I expected.

Yes, maybe if you lead a crazy, fun-filled life, (I do not), you could end up trying some new things that are totally out there, but in the normalcy of every day, saying yes does not mean that you're a crazy daredevil or a super risk taker. It just means that you're open to all kinds of possibilities and I kind of liked it.

My takeaway from the experience is that I shouldn't be scared of saying yes because it's not as out there as I imagined. While saying yes to everything for a day didn't magically change my life, it did teach me that it's not so scary.

I Said Yes to Everything for a Day

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