Espresso brownies upgraded recipe from box brownie mix

They say that the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. And I think that's actually pretty true. There's no better way to make people like you than to make great food. Whether you want to impress your co-workers (and maybe even your boss!), show off to your friends at a fancy dinner party, or just make your family appreciate you even more than they already do, you can use food to your advantage to make people love you. Sounds manipulative, but seriously, it works.

However, although you may want to use food to your benefit, I completely understand that baking just isn't for everyone. And that's okay. Guess what? You can still totally impress people with your food, even if you have zero skills.

The other day, I made brownies straight from a box and just added a few extra ingredients to take my box brownies to the next level. And they were an absolute hit. My sister was shocked when I told her that they were from a box and showed her how simple the recipe was. It was a total cheat recipe, basically just adding a little something extra to the pre-made mix.

So I've compiled some recipes that are just as easy and will trick people into thinking that you're an incredible baker by just upgrading some store bought pre-made box mixes.

Espresso Brownies

[Recipe: Food Network]

These were the brownies that I previously mentioned making. The thing about these brownies is that all you need to do is add a little instant coffee powder to a box brownie mix and then whip up a quick espresso glaze (only five ingredients) just by whisking it up. No fancy equipment needed. Suddenly, your box mix brownies are transformed into classy desserts that you can pretend are homemade.

The recipe recommends Duncan Hines brownie mix, but I used Ghirardelli brownie mix and I thought that it was even better, it's a softer brownie, so it tastes a bit more like a homemade one.

Cinnamon French Toast Muffins


I love muffins, but the muffins that I make never taste as good as the bakery style ones. I'm all for the basics, but sometimes you just need to jazz them up a bit. This recipe for cinnamon French toast muffins sounds much more unique than the simple blueberry and has that bakery style topping for that extra crunch.

Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies


Did you know that you can make cookies out of cake mix? Here's a recipe for delicious cookies that you can whip up using cake mix, meaning that they're super quick and easy, but they have a little something extra. Inside these cookies are gooey Rolo candies. Not only are your cookies easy and tasty, but the filling takes them to the next level, making you appear like a master chef.

Cheesecake Brownies


Mix cheesecake and brownies together for a rich and delicious treat that doesn't even seem like it came from a box. Use a brownie mix as a baseline and then add in a cheesecake filling to make a delicious treat in no time. Again, I would recommend Ghirardelli brownie mix, mostly because I think that it tastes a bit more homemade than other box brownie mixes.

Red Velvet Truffles


This four ingredient truffle recipe is classy and can be pulled together with great presentation. Essentially what you do is bake box mix red velvet cake, roll it up with some cream cheese into a ball, and then dip it into some white chocolate. Get even classier with a chocolate drizzle on top. 

Cake Mix Sour Cream Coffee Cake


Whether it's for breakfast or just tasty treat for snack, this coffee cake is pretty attractive. Made with yellow cake mix as a base, this coffee cake has a crumble topping to make it look even more like those expensive bakery ones.

6 Upgraded Box Mix Recipes to Trick People into Thinking You're a Great Baker

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