How My Idea of College Completely Transformed During My Freshman Year

I think that we all like to think that we know exactly what something will be like and form our own ideas of things even before ever having experience with them. While it can be nice, giving you your own sense of security over something new, we don't really have a complete understanding yet, even if we think that we do.

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While Ashley (My Well Dressed Life) had one idea for what she thought college would be like, once she stepped on campus as a freshman, she realized that her preconceptions and her original plans for college were no longer the same. And that was okay. Here's why.

Freshman year is a learning curve for everyone. You’re discovering who you are and what your interests are. I remember going into the year worried about all the wrong things.

I was stressed over whether or not my clothes would fit in my closet or if my roommate and I would get along or if I would be able to make friends. I wasn’t worried about what I was going to major in or how I was going to balance the ‘work forest’ workload.

I was worried about the wrong things. 

I was thrown into the rush of freshman orientation, trying to find my way around and make friends. But once that grace period passed and the first day of classes came around I was thrown for a loop. The school work was hard and seemed endless and oh yeah I had no idea what to major in.

Ashley Fountain (My Well Dressed Life)I came into school wanting to major in political science, I had loved my government class in high school and I was enthralled by the election and I was convinced that polysci was perfect. But my first class left me completely unsatisfied. I chalked it up simply to the topic and then took my second class, hoping for something better. But it was the same thing.

I just didn’t have the passion and drive for it that other people in my class had. Some of the kids in my class lived and breathed politics and I just couldn’t see myself being or thriving in that environment. During that first semester I realized that there were other classes I was enjoying more, classes I had never expected to like. I was enjoying my religion class and my writing class more than the politics class I once thought would be my favorite.

As a result, I realized maybe this wasn’t the right major for me. Upon this realization I had a bit of a freak out. As an extremely type-A, over planner, I felt very lost. I had no idea what I was majoring in, I had no direction.

I lost. I had no idea what I was majoring in, I had no direction.

But after some deep self reflection and a whole lot of conversations with people, from my mom, to a career coach, and lots of friends I realized the point of a major is to follow your passions. When browsing through majors while looking at schools communication had always stood out to me, it seemed like the perfect combination of media, journalism and connections, and I love to write and I love my blog so it seemed like it might potentially be a good fit for me.

The point of a major is to follow your passions.

Ashley Fountain (My Well Dressed Life)But I kind of wrote it off planning to major in political science because that’s what I believed was the best path to law school. When that started to fizzle out, I started to see communication as the perfect fit. It allows me to follow and learn about the things I am most passionate about: from media, to how to portray different messages, to writing. While I still haven’t officially declared a major I am really looking forward to where this path will take me.

It wasn’t just a struggle with a major that plagued my freshman year, I had a lot of trouble learning to deal with the workload in college. The expectations for work in college were very different than my public high school. In college, I was no longer the easy A student that I was in high school. I was working my butt off and still not getting A’s.

I remember taking my first test in college, I felt so prepared but I ended up not doing as well as I expected and hoped to. This was really discouraging for me. I spent a lot of time questioning if coming to my college was the right decision, maybe I wasn’t cut out for such a competitive school. I struggled, I really struggled with feeling lost and out of place but I decided that all I could do was try my best, work hard, and keep a positive attitude.

All I could do was try my best, work hard, and keep a positive attitude. 

Going into sophomore year of college is very different than freshman year because a lot of the initial concerns you had are no longer on your mind. You’re not worried about your roommate or making friends or finding your classes. Without these preoccupations, you are a lot more free to focus on yourself and to plan out exactly what you want to do and accomplish.

So sophomore year I went to college with a more positive attitude, to work hard, work smart and to be the best I can be. College is hard and sometimes it will test you, but I think the most important thing to remember is to stick it out, to keep going. If you’re struggling with uncertainty regarding your major in college, I hope you’ll look for reassurance in unexpected places.

College is a time to try new things.

I’m so glad my school required me to take classes in a wide range of disciplines because some of the classes I’ve loved I would’ve never thought to take on my own. College is a time to try new things so don’t be afraid to experiment with your college major as well.

How My Idea of College Completely Transformed During My Freshman Year
Ashley Fountain (My Well Dressed Life)
About the Author: Ashley Fountain
Ashley is a sophomore at Wake Forest University and blogs over at She created her blog as a way to help and inspire; she posts fashion as well as lifestyle posts. In college, she is an active member of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and works two jobs which she loves at J.Crew Factory and the Ronald McDonald House! But to put it simply, she is a lover of stripes, tulips, pink, doughnuts, and Gilmore Girls.

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  1. Love this post!! I am a junior transfer this year at UNC and wow! It is such an adjustment. I don't even know 100% what I want to major in. Glad I am not alone, thanks for sharing!