How to Successfully Host a Friendsgiving

It's November, which means that the next thing that's on my radar is Thanksgiving. While spending time with family during Thanksgiving is an obvious tradition: you know, turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, the whole thing, I've definitely been seeing the appeal in Friendsgiving.

What I like most about Friendsgiving is that a) I get to cook/bake some fun new recipes, which is something that I absolutely love, I get to b) try out some unusual new recipes, and c) spend time with friends.

However, the thing about planning some big social thing like this is that it can be a little stressful. No worries, though! I got you! Here's a step by step guide to planning and throwing a Friendsgiving celebration with a bonus Friendsgiving menu and recipe guide that you can download by subscribing to my mailing list. This is how you can easily make Friendsgiving happen.

Step One | Plan a Date

This one is pretty obvious. Plan a date in advance so that everyone can make space for it on their calendars. We're busy people, so it's important that you have a solid date rather than a tentative one so that people know exactly when Friendsgiving will be.

Step Two | Pick a Host

The way that my friends and I celebrate Friendsgiving is by getting together at someone's place and all cooking part of the meal there. Therefore it would be ideal if the host had a larger kitchen. However, if you choose to take on a potluck style Friendsgiving, then you could pick any willing host.

Step Three | Plan the Meal

Plan out a meal that will fit everyone's dietary needs as well as their tastes and preferences. I think that it's sometimes nice to have a bit of a theme, I usually like sticking with a fall theme, using autumnal ingredients such as maple, squash, apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, etc. I would also suggest steering away from all of the typical Thanksgiving foods, namely turkey, and get creative planning the meal. You're probably going to eat the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with your family, so why not have a more unique meal with your friends?

[too lazy to plan the meal? at the bottom of the post is a free downloadable Friendsgiving recipe guide and menu if you subscribe to the Bloomly email list!]

Step Four | Divide Up the Meal

Divide up various sections of the meal to different groups of people, probably about 2 people per section, depending on how many people are participating. For example, you can divide up the meal into the following sections: appetizers/bite-sized snacks, main dish, side dishes, dessert, and drinks.

This is just an example, you can divide up the meal in other ways depending on the food that you plan to make for Friendsgiving as well as the amount of people that are participating. If you have a lot of food and a lot of participants, you might want to break it down even further to keep the groups small. I think that it's better to have smaller groups because that way it's easier to coordinate everything.

Step Five | Get Together and Cook

Finally, it's time to get together and cook! If you don't want to leave one person with the responsibility of not only hosting the dinner but also allowing everyone to cook in their kitchen (which depending on the size of your Friendsgiving and/or kitchen could be a disaster), you can do a potluck style Friendsgiving. For example, if your group of 2 is working on making the appetizers, you two can meet up together and make your appetizers while the other group meets separately to do the main before all Friendsgiving guests come together at the host's place to eat.

Step Six | Eat and Enjoy

The last step is probably the most rewarding. I love eating, but it's even better when you eat food that you have made yourself. In addition, you get to try all the other parts of the meal cooked by your friends as well as have some quality conversations over dinner.

And those are the steps that you can take towards a successful Friendsgiving! If you want to make Friendsgiving even easier, you can skip step three with the free Friendsgiving recipe guide I made that you can download by subscribing to the Bloomly email list. It includes a pretty Autumnal menu that you can give your guests and has a recipe booklet with instructions for making the food.

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How to Successfully Host a Friendsgiving

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  1. I love the idea of Friendsgiving! My friends and I tried to plan one out but I don't think we'll be able to do it because of time restraints. I hope you have a great time at yours!

    Lauren //