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I've been seeing the idea of hosting a Friendsgiving brunch online and it's something that I'm kind of jumping on the bandwagon on. It's something that's fun + great to do with friends if you're not one for the traditional kind of Friendsgiving dinner.

Why Friendsgiving Brunch?

01 | it's less stressful and more casual than a dinner

Although it may be equally stressful for the host depending on how far you're taking your Friendsgiving brunch, it can be less stressful overall based off of different expectations. There's just something about a dinner that makes people worried about a formal atmosphere. A brunch makes people more comfortable to loosen up since it tends to be associated with a more easy-going atmosphere than a dinner.

02 | it's something more unique

If you're already going to have a Thanksgiving with your family, it might be less than exciting to have another huge dinner with your friends. Having a Friendsgiving brunch changes the game and makes it more unique than the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Forget the mashed potatoes, bring on the roasted potatoes and hash browns! Forget cranberry sauce, we're having cranberry bagels instead!

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03 | you can wear your pjs

Yeah, some of us like to dress cute to brunch, but if you're going to a friend's house, why not make it a Friendsgiving brunch pj party? Instead of feeling the "what do I wear" stress over a dinner party, brunch is a lot more cozy, especially if you tell your guests to wear their most comfortable pajamas.

04 | it's brunch. 'nuff said.

Let's be real, everyone loves a good brunch. Why would you pass that up?

How to make a Friendsgiving brunch happen

create fall takes on the classic brunch foods

Add in some apple, cranberry, pumpkin, pecans, walnuts, cinnamon, you know, the usual fall flavors to the classic brunch foods. It's your time to get creative! Currently envisioning pumpkin pancakes, walnut apple french toast, cinnamon rolls with maple icing, and all the fall treats. Look through Pinterest or just craft your own recipe by using a basic recipe for a simple brunch food (ex: eggs, roasted potatoes, waffles, etc.) and then add some of the pinnacle autumn ingredients to transform it into a Friendsgiving essential. 

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divide up the tasks

If you're lazy, divide up the cooking so that everyone brings their own unique aspect of brunch to the table (literally and figuratively). If you haven't seen my post on how to host a Friendsgiving, the same method can be applied to Friendsgiving brunch in order to ease the responsibility of the host. After all, brunch is supposed to be relaxing, so let's be collaborative to keep things as stress-free as possible.

Will you be having a Friendsgiving Brunch?

cinnamon rolls for Friendsgiving brunch

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