Best of the Internet 2017

2017 is officially over I was thinking, what better way to commemorate the year than to take a moment and appreciate all of the internet content creators than compiling a best of the internet list?

What does "Best of the Internet" mean?

If you're a long time follower of the Bloomly, you might know about a former installment called "Best of the Internet." On those posts, I would collect all of my favorite content that I found online from bloggers, YouTubers, any online creator and feature it. This way, you can find some of the best content out there without any work and we can support #TeamInternet.

I've looked for some content that I've loved and appreciated throughout this year, so here it is.

Personal Growth + Self Improvement

9 Ways to Be a Badass and Live Your Best Life | Sara Katherine

I Had No Idea What to Do After High School and That Was Okay | Bloomly Hindsight Series

6 Reasons Why We Need to Share Our Stories | Wholehearted Woman

You Need to Free Yourself of Past F*ck Ups + Why Your Mistakes Don't Erase Your Growth | Macarons in the Morning

Read This When You Screw Up | Hello Katy

Why We Self Sabotage [video] | Anna Akana

I Failed a Semester of College But I Wasn't a Failure | Bloomly Hindsight Series

How to Find Balance (When You Feel Overwhelmed) | Adventures with Asha

The Most Valuable Breakthrough Moment I Had in 2017 | Wholehearted Woman

A 2018 Anti-Bucket List: 9 Things I Don't Want to Do in the New Year | Generation Tay


Why You Should Get Together for Coffee | Cristina Was Here

I Tried Bullet Journaling for a Week and This is What Happened | Bloomly

We Trained Like Superheroes for 30 Days [video] | Buzzfeed Blue

I Tested Pinterest Hairstyles to See How Quick and Easy They Really Are | Bloomly

My Experience as a Study Abroad Student | helloninetyseven

Worth It Series [video playlist] | Buzzfeed

Obviously, this is not all of the amazing content out on the internet, just a snippet of it. There is a lot of great online content that I haven't found yet or I have simply forgotten that I loved. Join in and offer some of your best of the internet picks by commenting with your favorites and maybe I'll update the list!

What was some of your favorite online content from 2017?

Best of the Internet 2017


  1. Wow, thank you so much for including my post! I can't wait to read some of the others you recommended! <3

    1. Thanks for writing such a great post! Have fun reading some of the others!

  2. This was such a lovely surprise to see today! You are truly a gem! Thanks so much, Rebecca for featuring my anti-bucket list piece for 2018! Wishing you so much happiness and success this year!

    xx, Taylor || Generation Tay (

  3. Thank you for creating this post! I will definitely be checking out the posts and bloggers you've linked. I already adore Cristina's blog so I'm sure that all of the rest are just as lovely! :)

    Kaitlin \\