Interactive Online Open When Letters

Have you ever heard of "Open When" letters? If not, where have you been? The "Open when" letter trend is all over Pinterest and Tumblr and something fun to give and receive. For those of you that don't know what they are, they're pretty much exactly what they sound like. Each envelope is labeled with a scenario that would cause the recipient to open the envelope. In the envelope, there is something different in each one that is specific to the scenario.

I mentioned in a post a long time ago about making DIY open when letters, but not all of us have been able to receive them ourselves, so I'm making online open when letters for YOU to open. Each letter is enclosed with some online gift of some kind to make your days a tiny bit better.

Although you could go ahead and open all the letters now, which would totally spoil the fun, I encourage you to bookmark this page and save it for when you really need some love, motivation, kindness, etc.

To interact and "open" the letters, click on the links (the text indicating when to open)

Open when you screw up.

Open when you doubt yourself.

Open when you need to be empowered.

Open when you need to smile.

Open when you feel like a failure.

Open when you have a bad day.

Open when you feel alone.

Open when you've had a great day.

Open when you feel lost.

Open when you're bored.

Open when you feel like things can't get worse.

Open when you're stressed.

Open when you need some love. 

Open when you feel inadequate.

Interactive Online Open When Letters


  1. I think I'm going to make some for my friends who are going off to college this year.

    1. That'll be so cute!! I made some for a friend as a "just because" gift and she loved them.