5 Forms of Meditation to Try

I recently tried meditation for a week for a blog post and have felt that I've found more insight into the world of meditation that I was originally lacking.

Meditation has lots of great benefits for your well-being. It can reduce stress hormone levels, reduce blood pressure, improve psychological well-being (regarding depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.), and much more.

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Although I only tried guided meditation through the Headspace app, I became more aware of meditation overall and have been beginning to look into other forms of meditation.

According to Psychology Today, "Meditation is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of reference. It can involve focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase known as a mantra. In other words, meditation means turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment."

From that definition, the idea of meditation, despite our connotations and assumptions regarding it, can be very broad. Because of that, I'm beginning to look into new forms of meditation that might better fit my lifestyle and personality. Here are some different ways that you can meditate.

01 | Guided meditation

This is the type of meditation that I tried in the blog post where I meditated for a week. Guided meditation can be found through many apps and is essentially an audio recording directing you to focus on different things such as the sounds around you and the way that your body is moving.

02 | Art meditation

Ever heard of art therapy? Making art can be healing, helping to increase awareness of self, reduce anxiety, provide a vehicle for self-expression, center ourselves, and more. While making art, you can completely focus your mind on that process. When I'm making art, I find myself getting lost in the moment and I completely forget about all my worries.

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03 | Zen coloring

Even if you're no Picasso, art therapy can still be beneficial to you. With the rise in popularity for adult coloring books, pick up one that you like and start coloring in it while putting on some calming music. Coloring books can be like art meditation in the sense that you're focusing on that singular task.

04 | Yoga

This one is a pretty well known form of meditation and I'd say that it's definitely one worth trying out if you feel like sitting down for meditation is too boring for you or you struggle with a short attention span. Depending on the type of yoga that you do, it can consist more of meditation and more of movement. However, regardless of what type, yoga will always encourage you to focus on your breath and the movement of the body: meditation. It's a great way to refresh the mind and the body.

05 | Meditation while cooking

Did you know that you can meditate in your own kitchen? Dana Velden from The Kitchn suggests that meditation can be done while cooking by really focusing on what you're doing and the relationships between the ingredients. Cooking really enhances the focus on the senses: the texture of the food, the scents, the balance of tastes and flavors, the sound of the ingredients cooking, and the look of what you're serving, raising awareness.

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Which one will you try?

5 Forms of Meditation to Try

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