5 Activities You Can Do With Friends to Change Things Up

We constantly fall into the same patterns. Whether it's just with our morning routines that we fall into on a daily basis or going to the same few restaurants over and over again, we seem to find what we like and settle into it. This might be true with friends as well. You and your friends find a few things that you all like to do: go get coffee together, eat brunch, go to movies, etc. While I think that's great, I think that it's also nice to try and get creative and do some activities that are a bit out of the norm.

If you're sick of the same old activities that you always do with your friends, here are some ideas for how to shake things up.

one. | take a cooking or baking class.

I love baking, so I'm a bit partial towards this one. Cooking and baking classes are really fun and engaging, allow you to eat (what a win!), and take home some experience and skill.

It's pretty easy to find cooking or baking classes near you, a lot of bakeries and restaurants in your area might offer some (just look around). I know that Sur La Table has lots of super interesting classes from basic knife skills to French macarons to Israeli cuisine, so you're sure to find some that you're interested in. If you love baking and sweet treats, Wilton has lots of classes nationwide.

two. | try an escape room.

I've only done one before, but it's definitely a great activity that will keep you on your feet. If you don't know what an escape room is, it's literally just what it's called. It's a simulated experience where you are trapped in a room (and/or dealing with a bomb) and must solve all kinds of puzzles in order to escape. It's great for team bonding, but note that the more people you have, the most complicated it'll get. But hey, that's part of the fun, right?

three. | go geocaching

Geocaching is essentially a scavenger hunt using technology. Using GPS devices, you and your friends can try to find the geocache (container). Geocaching can be done almost anywhere, it's crazy how many caches might be in places that you pass every day. However, it can also be a great way to explore places that you haven't been to before. While out hunting for caches, you can explore your surroundings.

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four. | take a workout class together for something you've never tried before.

I recently went to yoga (for the first time!) with a friend and it was a really exciting experience. For her, she was excited because not a lot of people want to go with her and she was interested in seeing what people thought about it. For me, it was exciting to try something new and it was nice to have her there to support me and show me something that she is really interested in.

If you want to change things up, try a workout class for something that you (or a friend) haven't tried before. Not only is it a great way to stay healthy and get that workout in, it can also be a great social activity.

five. | go for afternoon tea.

One of my favorites, having a tea party is an experience in itself. With all kinds of food, although afternoon tea has its structure, there's lots of room for some creativity in culinary creations. You get to try out a little of lots of different foods - from minty cucumber sandwiches to a delicious Battenberg cake.
Bonus: it's super cute and very Instagrammable.

What activity will you try?

5 Activities You Can Do With Friends to Change Things Up

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