I Tried 4 New Things in a Month and This is What I Learned From Them

If you're a frequent Bloomly reader, you would know that I try quite a few new things and document them through blog posts to sum up my experiences with them. This process is great to push myself to try new things and really stick with them and also helps others see whether or not these activities might benefit them.

However, last month, despite having any kind of push or ulterior motive (ex: blog posts) I ended up trying 4 new things. Here's what I learned from them.

new thing no. 1 | Meditation

If you're a devoted Bloomly reader, you might know that I actually tried meditation for a week and documented it in a blog post. I decided to try out meditation to reap the positive mental health benefits.

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The nitty gritty details are in the post, but a quick summary was that although I learned to have a greater appreciation for it, the stillness of it all just didn't really feel like it fit my personality and lifestyle.

Although it wasn't a perfect fit and I don't plan to adopt it into my everyday lifestyle, I think that trying meditation was still worthwhile, considering that it opened me up to a greater understanding of meditation as a whole and taught me some great tips for using to calm myself down. I have found that I can apply aspects of meditation to other things: such as when I can't fall asleep due to restless thoughts, when I need to calm myself down, or even different forms of meditation like yoga, which happens to be the next new thing that I tried.

new thing no. 2 | Yoga

Going into yoga, I was definitely a little nervous. After chatting with a friend about my adventures into trying meditation, she invited me to go to a yoga class with her, since it was something that she found to be excellent for her mental health.

However, I had never tried yoga before. I had already been trying meditation and I wasn't quite sure that I liked it, but I think that as a result, I was open to yoga as a different type of meditation: one that was a bit more active.

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Before ever beginning, my biggest initial concern was not being able to keep up. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. I was, of course, nervous at the beginning of the class. The instructor was saying all these pose names that I had never heard before and the people around me all seemed to be doing their own variations. However, throughout the class I began to understand that yoga was more about doing what you could do, rather than pushing yourself to keep up, explaining those variations. Following along the people around me, I began to get more comfortable in the class as I slowly caught on to the pose names.

From that one class, I think that it did convince me to be more open to doing so again in the future. For me, it was a lot more engaging and interesting than meditation due to the movement. Although in the class I wasn't focusing much on my mind (since it was my first class and I was feeling a little too nervous to do so), I think that with time, it could be a great mental health outlet and also a great physical health one as well.

The takeaway: Be open to different variations of similar things. Similar things aren't the same, so don't treat them like they are. 

new thing no. 3 | Dance

I had always been hesitant to try dance. While I did ballet ages ago (it seems like a rite of passage for small five year old girls), it had been forever since I really tried learning dance. I have a few friends that love it and had always been trying to get me to try it, but I always said no, insisting that I didn't like it.

However, I finally came around and decided to try it. And honestly, it was a lot of fun. It was fascinating to learn all these interesting new dance moves. In fact, after experiencing it, I wished that I had done it earlier. While dancing wasn't my passion, it was something that I enjoyed doing and I feel like I missed out on those enjoyable experiences, triggering those regrets.

The takeaway: I should have been more open to trying out dance and other new things. If I was, maybe I would have been able to enjoy them sooner. 

new thing no. 4 | Zumba

After trying dance, I felt a lot more open to anything dance related, so much that I decided to go to zumba with a friend. I had known a little about what zumba was before entering the class, but I had never actually tried it out for myself. I knew that it was dance mixed with exercise, but that was about it.

In the class, I was definitely a little overwhelmed at first with the pace of everything. The music was fast, everyone seemed like they knew what they were doing, and they all had so much energy that it felt a little difficult to keep up. However, as the class went on, like yoga, I got the hang of it. What I really liked about it was how the moves repeated, so if you didn't get it the first time, you could get it the next time, making it a lot easier to get in the groove of it.

The next day, I was surprised at how sore and tired my body was. During zumba, I did feel like I was getting a workout, but I didn't expect that my muscles would be so sore based off of the intensity of the workout. I think that one of the interesting things about zumba is that it's like a disguise for a workout. It doesn't seem like one, but it is one, which I really liked.

The takeaway: You don't have to try new things all the time, but sometimes it's good to change things up a bit. 

In fact, I ended up watching a zumba video at home and following along with it a few weeks later. While I don't intend to do zumba all the time, I think that it's a great way to change things up so that you're not falling into a routine workout of the boring stuff. For me, zumba was something that was different and refreshing, which is just what you need in your life every now and then.

I Tried 4 New Things in a Month and This is What I Learned From Them


  1. love this post! Its so great to keep trying new things, especially those that keep you happy and healthy!