Why Your Age Does Not Limit What You Can Do

There have been so many times that I have thought to myself, "I couldn't do that because I'm too old/young". There are a lot of things that we think of doing, but assume that age is a barrier to them. However, that's not the case at all. Here's why.

I’m a bit of a daydreamer; I like to think about all of the things that I want out of life and what it would be like to “have it all.” However, for the longest time, I didn’t do anything about it. I sat there, dreaming about all the things I wanted to do, but never took action on them, partially because I was scared, but also because I thought that my age limited me. But in reality, I was really just using it as an excuse. It wasn't a physical barrier, but a mental one.

We often use age as an excuse, a mental barrier. 

When I was just thirteen years old, I attended my first cake decorating class. Watching Cupcake Wars for years, cake decorating was something that I always wanted to learn, so I signed up for Wilton cake decorating classes at my local craft store. The minimum age for the class was 13, so I just barely fit the bill, but when I stepped into the class, the only other students were about four times my age, which was pretty daunting. I was a child. I felt so out of place.

However, I stuck with it, and I'm glad that I did. Within that class, although I was very clearly the youngest, everyone in the class was very supportive and I was (thankfully) able to keep up with everyone else. The things that we were learning weren't age specific. Anyone could try out cake decorating as long as they were determined and interested, two things that I was. 

My age didn't have to be a barrier as long as I didn't let it be one. 

Looking back on it, I'm glad that I took those classes at such a young age because they've taught me so many foundational skills that I can use throughout my life. If anything, my age was a strength. It gave me knowledge to apply in other things and also helped foster my passion for it so that I can enjoy it even more.

Another example of moments where I have used my age as an excuse has been through blogging. I always used to think that blogging was an impossible dream. I imagined what it would be like to be a blogger, but one thing that constantly held me back was my age. I felt like I was too young to have a blog, and I told myself that I would make one later, when I was older.

Eventually, I realized that there was no point in waiting. Yes, I may have had my whole life ahead of me, but what’s life without following your dreams? The only thing that was holding me back was myself. When I started my blog, I decided to start living the life that I had imagined.

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And thankfully, like the cake decorating classes, making that decision to start blogging was one of the best ones that I had made. If I kept on waiting, letting time dictate what I could do, then I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this experience as long as I have. In fact, I might not have even been writing this blog post today.

If you let age limit what you do, it will only hold you back from success and happiness. 

It's crazy to think about all the opportunities that I almost missed because I was using my age as an excuse. The opportunities are there. Even if it doesn't seem like it's an opportunity, it doesn't mean that it isn't one. Instead of searching for excuses like using your age to justify a lack of action, search for reasons why you should go for it, why you should step out of your comfort zone and do it anyways.

I believe that you can do what you put your mind to, regardless of your age. We hear stories of these child prodigies and these people that are reaching huge successes in what seems like "beyond their prime" and always praise them. So why wouldn't you want to go after your dreams, even if it seems like your age is a problem?

You should know that you are always at your prime. Whether you're ten, twenty, fifty, or even seventy, you can still do amazing things. 

You are capable of magnificent, incredible, gorgeous, and awesome things, so don't let those opportunities slip you by. 

Why Your Age Does Not Limit What You Can Do

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