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There's one thing that people praise for helping them maintain their physical and mental health that I can just never successfully incorporate into my everyday life: exercise. While I exercise from time to time, I really can never stick with it. And it was occurring to me that maybe I just haven't found the right workout style yet, so I started looking into a few different workout styles, tried them out, and evaluated the pros and cons of each one to help me (and you!) find out which lifestyle they fit.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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High-intensity interval training is a workout technique. It alternates between periods of (you guessed it) high intensity training and short periods of semi-active recovery. According to Eric Salvador from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in an article from, "intense exercise will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady state workouts" because of the "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)".


1) short periods of activity for each move - great if you just can't power through long workouts
2) I noticed that a lot of the moves are rather repetitive, I'm not sure if that's true for all HIIT, but that's just what I felt it was like, which is good if you need a little practice to get the move just right.
3) can choose between a more specialized workout (ex: HIIT ab workout) or a body workout, depending on what you like.
4) generally has modifications depending on your strength and fitness level


1) back to how I found that it was repetitive, I personally got a little bored after a while repeating the same move so many times.

SUMMARY: You might like high intensity interval training if...

you like short and effective workouts!

Dance Workouts

If you read my post, I Tried 4 Things in a Month and This is What I Learned From Them, then you would know that I recently tried zumba for the first time. Dance workouts (zumba included) are exactly what they say they are: workouts where you dance.


1) great full body workout
2) does not even feel like you're working out
3) can do at home with no equipment - there's tons of online videos for it


1) if you're not a good dancer, you feel a little weird doing the dance moves
2) can be very sweaty

SUMMARY: You might like dance workouts if...

a) you get easily bored with workouts
b) are not targeting a certain body part and are aiming for overall body fitness
c) traditional workouts scare you



1) can be a great moment for mental health and meditation
2) increases flexibility
3) very calming and stress free
4) it's acceptance and encouraged to go at your own level of comfort, allowing you to modify based off of your fitness level, flexibility, and strength.


1) can be a bit boring for some people with shorter attention spans

Pro or con:

Not as vigorous if you want an intensive workout, but of course whether or not it falls into the pros or cons depends on you.

SUMMARY: You might like yoga if...

a) you are looking for a focus on your mental health
b) aren't looking for anything too high intensity
c) you are able to focus on things to a long time

Which is the best fit for you?

This is just a quick little evaluation on some of the generalities of each workout type, however, sometimes you just need to try it out yourself to know what it's like and if it really fits you. For me, I feel like my favorite ones were yoga and dance workouts (which I was not expecting AT ALL), but the one that fits best for me depends on what kind of mood I'm in and the intensity that I'm looking for. 

I encourage you to try out other different workout styles besides the basic treadmill and weights to try working out different parts of your body and make working out a little more engaging and fun.

I Tried 3 Different Workout Styles to Find Out Which Lifestyles They Fit

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