Just recently, I took a cooking class at Sur La Table and it was so much fun, so I thought that I would share my experience and let you know if it's really worth it if you're considering going to a cooking class.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post, I am just a food enthusiast and a fan of Sur La Table. :)

If you don't know from my blog, one of my hobbies includes baking. While I have gone for some cake decorating classes in the past, for the most part I am a home baker. However, I was interested in taking a cooking class for fun, so I decided to check out some classes at a Sur La Table store near me and then decided to drag my sister along as well to accompany me.

The Sur La Table cooking class calendar has SO many different class options from Korean fried chicken dinners to sweet and savory croissants to everyday vegetarian cooking. I decided to take the macaron class, since they're notorious for being difficult and finicky to make, so I figured that it would be nice to get formal instruction on how to make them so that I could get tips for making them in the future. In addition, it felt a little silly to be spending $75 to be taught to make something simple, so I figured it would be more bang for the buck by choosing something more complicated.

Beginning the class

At the beginning of the class, we walked in and found recipe booklets, aprons, and nametags at our designated work stations. There was a place to hang our coats and put our things and then we got acclimated with the kitchen. We also received beverages - coffee, tea, and water - that we could refill as desired throughout the class.

Since it was the morning, the staff there was making some sort of breakfast casserole thing (?), not really sure what it was, but they allowed us to eat it and it was DELICIOUS. In a casserole dish, there was a mix of fluffy eggs, chorizo, and potatoes, topped with breadcrumbs. It was seasoned super nicely and was definitely a nice way to start.

The class

The class had approximately 16 people and everyone was assigned to a group of four. However, the 2 other people that were supposed to be in my group ended up not showing up, which allowed my sister and I to be in a group of 2, meaning that we ended up being able to take home all the macarons intended for 4 people (aka a TON of macarons).

But before we get to taking them home, let's talk about making them first. The chef leading our class, Olivia, introduced herself and gave us the first set of instructions, which we did in our groups. However, the instructions were very fast-paced and rushed. The other groups were always a little ahead, leaving my sister and I scrambling to keep up.

I think this was partially just because of the level of difficulty of macarons and the time required for them. Chef Olivia mentioned that the class really required 3 hours, but it had been pushed into a 2 hour time period, causing us to have to rush, raise the baking temperature, and pipe the macaron fillings before they were completely cool, and still go half an hour over time.

However, what was nice was that the other people in our class were very friendly and chatted with us throughout the process and also helped us whenever we needed clarifications on things. My sister noticed that these cooking classes were a great place to meet new people. The other group at our table clearly did not know each other before coming to the class and the whole time they were making jokes and chatting like they were close friends.

Was it worth the price?

I think that it was, but it's definitely the kind of thing to do as a treat. The cooking class is rather pricey, but it is also more affordable than some of the other cooking classes in my area.

The thing about it is that it's an experience. It can be enriching and can also potentially inspire you to apply some of the things that you learn into your own kitchen. Even if you don't intend to use what they teach in the class, it's still a very fun activity to do. My sister who prefers eating over baking said that although she was not intending on making the recipe in the future at all, she enjoyed it a lot and would go to another class if she had the chance (and the money) to go.

For me, I imagined this as my "concert." I know lots of people that love going to concerts, they always rush to grab tickets for their favorite artists and musical groups, even though tickets might be expensive. Personally, I'm not that excited about concerts, but rather I'm more excited for things like cooking classes. These cooking classes, like concerts, would require a monetary splurge, but it's something that is fun and exciting to do every now and then.

What do you get out of it?

To see if it's really worth the price, here are a few of the things that I got out of it:

  • Some tips on how to make macarons for the future
  • Lots of delicious macarons
  • Coupons for purchases in store on the day of the class and also a coupon for future classes (but note that it does expire within the week)
  • A super fun, engaging, and memorable experience

Would I do it again?

Probably not any time soon, given the price, but I would definitely be open to going to another cooking class in the future!

I Went to a Sur La Table Macaron Workshop

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