You know what they say, beauty is pain. But what if you could have it all? The main reason why I steer away from comfort shoes is that they're not the prettiest things. However, just because most comfort shoes lack the aesthetic that a fashion blogger loves, doesn't mean that there aren't some gorgeous shoes out there that just so happen to be incredibly comfortable as well. 

I'm currently traveling in Portugal and Spain, which involves a lot of sightseeing and consequently a lot of walking. Therefore I've been on the hunt for some comfy sandals to wear on the trip and also in general. However, I don't want to compromise style and I don't want to compromise comfort? So how can I find a middle ground?

I know what they say, "beauty is pain," but if it doesn't have to be, why wouldn't I be taking the option of a good comfort shoe? Because having a great sandal that I can walk for miles in is so important to me, I decided to put the style spotlight on them, talking about some that I have and love, as well as other options that you can get so that your feet and your eyes can be happy.

What makes a shoe comfortable?

Shape. The last shape is the shape of the shoe. Most are curved, as our feet are naturally curved at the bottom, but there are variations of the curve. Some of them are straighter and some of them are more curved. Based off of the shape of your foot, find what kind of last shape is most comfortable to you so that you can easily be on the lookout for whatever shape best fits you.

Cushion. This one is the obvious one, but cushioning at the sole of the shoe is key. Our feet naturally don't have much fat, causing us to not have much cushion in our step. If your shoe is heeled, look for shoes with more cushioning at the ball of the foot. Personally, I have found it comfortable to have some cushioning beneath the natural curve of the foot to add that support.

Thickness. Building off of cushioning, having a completely flat shoe with a thin sole not be comfortable. Otherwise, it's like not even wearing shoes at all. Look for shoes with slightly thicker soles, wedges and platforms, can add a bit more cushioning in your step and be almost like shock absorbers.


Where to find fashionable comfort shoes:

Dr. Scholl's

My picks + thoughts:

Born Casma Sandal in Black
Born Casma Sandal

Born Casma Sandal

Style: 4stars
Comfort: 4 stars

The style is definitely nice considering the comfort, putting it above average in terms of the aesthetic. I love the tie front, it adds a great little compliment to the shoes. The great thing about the design of it is that it looks so nice that you can't even tell that it's a comfort shoe. Maybe I would have picked it regardless of its comfort, the comfort is just a plus. I guess that my only complaint would be that it just doesn't fit the shape of my feet, the sole is a lot more pointed at the toe, which is not how my feet are shaped. 

As for the comfort, I love that the tie front of the shoes can be adjusted, I can loosen and tighten the straps around the ankle as necessary, allowing me to have more control over the sizing. In addition, there is a ton of cushioning at the bottom of the shoe which supports my feet and cushions my steps. Although the thickness of the sole isn't much, it's still enough that I can't feel the ground.

Dr. Scholl's Encore Gladiator Sandal

Dr. Scholl's Encore Gladiator Sandal in Olive Green
Dr. Scholl's Encore Gladiator Sandal

Style: 5 stars
Comfort: 3.5 stars

I absolutely LOVE the look of these shoes. They can be dressed up for nicer occasions or dressed down for every day wear. The olive green color matches with basically anything and the little tassels for embellishment make the sandal look even nicer. Even if this wasn't a comfort shoe, I could still see myself picking these sandals just for the sake of style.

As for comfort, I do like the material of the straps, they're soft enough that they don't rub against my feet but they're still rather sturdy. However, my biggest complaint would be the sole. Although there is some cushion, it's not much considering that it's a comfort shoe brand. I would have liked more cushioning from these shoes in order to make them more comfortable for long wear.

Kork-Ease Lyell Sandal in Gold
Kork-Ease Lyell Sandal

Kork-Ease Lyell Sandal

Style: 3.5 stars

Comfort: 4 stars

I don't love the style of these shoes, but I don't necessarily hate them either. They definitely aren't something that I would normally pick out (aka I would not buy them if they were not a comfort shoe). However, they still look nice enough.

Comfort wise, these shoes have a great sole. With a thick cork footbed and a rubber sawtooth sole, these sandals give you a little spring in your step. The material of the straps will need to be broken in to avoid it rubbing against your feet, but overall, pretty comfortable sandals.

Shop My Picks:

While the shoes that I spotlighted are not only stylish but comfortable, there are still so many more options that definitely grabbed my attention. Plus, they're by comfort shoe brands. Comfortable and cute! Who could resist? I know I can't. Happy shopping! May your feet be happy. 

Style Spotlight: Comfort Sandals

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