Netflix is bringing back rom-coms and making some new ones (to add to the list of classics that we've watched over and over again) and I am ALL FOR IT. I love a good rom-com, they're kind of my guilty pleasure for movies. As a result, I find myself searching for some new great ones and revisiting the classics all the time.

Here are a few rom coms that I love (aka have seen multiple times and still enjoy) that you will too.

one + two. Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries 2

what they're about
The Princess Diaries movies (and books) are about San Franciscan teenager Mia Thermopolis discovering that she is actually a princess of a small European country, Genovia. The first movie goes through the shock and discovery of her being a princess and the guidance from her grandmother, Clarice in the process. The second movie brings Mia to Genovia a few years later when she discovers that in order to be crowned Queen, she must marry. Mia has to rush to try and find a husband while dealing with the news that someone else is trying to steal the crown. 

why i liked them
Princess Diaries was one of those movies that I watched a long time ago when I was younger and it's still just as good now. Whenever I watch the movies, it's like I have that nostalgia for those iconic moments (mattress surfing, the makeover scene, the foot pop) which is super enjoyable, but I still feel engaged in every minute each time I watch it. Honestly the Princess Diaries is less about the romantic part, I'm not sure if it really classifies as a rom-com but hey there's romance in there, it's really about like getting to know and love Mia because she's a pretty awesome character. 

three. 13 Going on 30

what it's about
13 year old Jenna Rink wants to fit in with the popular girls and date the hot popular guy. She reads a magazine about being thirty, flirty, and thriving, and enamored with the idea of being thirty, wishes that she would too be thirty, flirty and thriving - and her wish comes true. Jenna wakes up to be thirty years old, friends with the popular girl at school, dating a hockey player, and in her dream job at Poise Magazine. The movie follows Jenna's realizations as a thirteen year old trying to discover what it's like being an adult. 

why i liked it
13 Going on 30 is really funny, there's a lot of great humor moments with Jenna discovering things about being an adult and not being 13 anymore that really makes the movie. 

four. 10 Things I Hate About You

what it's about
10 Things I Hate About You follows the story of Kat Stratford, a rebellious teenager who refuses to date. On the other hand, Kat's sister, Bianca, really wants to date, but their father says that Bianca cannot date until Kat does. Cameron James, a new kid at school that is crushing on Bianca, comes up with a plan to set Kat up with bad boy Patrick Verona so that he can date Bianca. 

why i liked it
One of the things that I like about 10 Things I Hate About You is that the main character, Kat, isn't your typical rom-com lead. Kat isn't the clumsy and quirky girl that leads a lot of rom-coms, but she's still super likeable. There's fantastic chemistry between Kat and Patrick (Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger) and it will make you laugh, cry, and smile. 

five. All The Boys I've Loved Before

what it's about
All The Boys I've Loved Before is about teenager Lara Jean, who writes letters to her crushes (aka all the boys she has ever loved) when they are so overwhelmingly powerful that she needs just needs to express her feelings. One day, the letters get sent out to all five of the boys: Peter, childhood friend and popular guy at school, John Ambrose McClaren from model UN, Kenny, who she went to camp with, Lucas, the boy she went to homecoming with, and Josh, her older sister's boyfriend. The movie (and book! it was based on a book) follows Lara Jean as she deals with the chaos from the letters coming out. 

why i liked it
Before All the Boys I Loved Before came out, I heard a lot of buzz and excitement over having an Asian lead in a rom-com, which also came with a lot of excitement from the all-Asian cast of Crazy Rich Asians. While I think that it's fantastic to have Lara Condor, an Asian actress, as the lead, it wasn't just the fact that there was an Asian lead that drew me to this movie, it was the movie itself as well. I thought the trailer was so well done, it gave away enough about the movie to me that I was compelled and also left a lot unknown. After watching the trailer, all I was thinking was "What's next? What's going to happen with the letters?" And the movie delivered. It was cute and enjoyable, all you need in a good rom-com. However, I noticed some parts of the movie that could have been confusing if you didn't read the book. I did, but there were some things touched on that weren't really fleshed out that seemed awkward to me if you didn't know the context from the book.

Honorable mentions:

27 Dresses

27 Dresses is pretty enjoyable and a fun movie to watch. I think I've seen it maybe twice, so I liked it enough to watch it again, but it's an honorable mention because I just didn't find it as touching as some of the other movies above.


One of the classics for a reason. However, the only reason why it's an honorable mention is because it makes me a little uncomfortable that Josh is Cher's ex-stepbrother. Aside from that, it's a great movie.

The Proposal

The Proposal is super cute and funny. It wasn't the kind of movie that I've watched over and over like some of the previously mentioned movies, but it's sweet and definitely worth a watch.

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