Ahh yes, the Instagrammable Museum of Ice Cream. If you haven't heard of it before, the Museum of Ice Cream is a museum centered around (you guessed it!) ice cream and other insta-worthy installations. The museum is permanently located in San Francisco, but they have done pop ups in other locations.

I've seen it on the feed before and it's been on my list for one of the places to stop by - and now I have! Here are some of the photos from the visit and notes for if you're interested in going.

getting there

This is a heads up: you NEED to purchase tickets ahead of time online. You cannot buy tickets at the door. When you purchase the tickets, you will need to select a certain time slot for your visit. I bought the tickets approximately a week before visiting and had no problems picking a time slot, all the time slots were open. 

notes about the visit

the lighting is oddly not as good as you would expect.

For a museum full of Instagrammable things, you would expect really great lighting. While the lighting isn't necessarily bad, it's not great either. Everything looks great in person but the lighting doesn't always translate well on camera. 

you get ice cream!

When I visited, there were 4 opportunities for ice cream. You get a small ice cream scoop of any of the Museum of Ice Cream flavors, a mochi ice cream, a popsicle, and some soft serve. I thought that it was a good amount of ice cream, each time was a small portion but it added up. It was really nice to get to try different flavors and it was always exciting when you walked into a room and they offered you ice cream. My favorite was the mochi. 

you only get three minutes in the sprinkle pool

The sprinkle pool, which is a four foot pool filled with sprinkles where you can dive into, is a fan favorite of the Museum of Ice Cream. Unfortunately, you only get 3 minutes (exactly 3 minutes, they time you) to get those cute photos and have fun in the pool. This was a little disappointing to me because I would have enjoyed a little more time there. 

is it worth the money?

I was apprehensive to visit because it is a little pricey at $38 per ticket. I had a student discount, which helped (it wasn't much but it was something). If you're thinking about visiting the Museum of Ice Cream, I think that it's worth it if you're interested. It's a fun experience and makes for some cute photos. The ice cream is a bonus, but the real attraction is the aesthetic. 

However, if you don't want to pay the fee, it's not the end of the day either. The photos taken by the Museum of Ice Cream on their Instagram account are GORGEOUS and really capture how it looks in person. Honestly, I don't think that my photos do it justice. You can look in awe at those photos which really show off the best parts of the museum. 

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