Okay.. maybe this post was just an excuse for me to binge watch lots of Christmas movies, but like I'm not mad about it.

It's officially December which means that it's Christmas season! Unfortunately, it's also finals season which makes it difficult to get into the holiday mood. Thankfully, holiday movies are an easy and low effort way to bring some holiday cheer to your life.

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I always find that getting into the Christmas mood is a little difficult because I never really get into it until like right before Christmas, so watching these movies were like a reminder to me that yes, it is actually December (but like seriously how did that happen? I can't believe the year is over).

So if you're looking for a good holiday movie to watch, I've got you covered with some reviews of cheesy holiday movies (specifically ones on Netflix).

So how will we be reviewing these?

To review all these holiday movies, I've devised a rating scale.


Holiday movies are meant to be feel good movies. This means that at the end, you feel a little bit happier. Therefore the heart-warmingness scale will go from 0 to 10, with 0 being that I felt sad and 10 being that I felt extremely happy.

Cheesiness Levels

The cornerstone of holiday movies is a cheesiness factor. It's in all the holiday movies, but that's part of what makes it a holiday movie. For the cheesiness levels, 0 marks not cheesy at all and 10 marks extremely cheesy.

The reviews

A Christmas Prince

what it's about
Amber is an aspiring journalist who is sent to a small foreign nation called Aldovia which happens to have a monarchy. She is to cover the press conference of the playboy crown prince, Richard, who is soon to take the throne. Amber then decides to snoop around and somehow falls into the role as Princess Emily's tutor.

what I thought
Honestly this was a VERY cheesy movie. I definitely don't think that this was my favorite of the holiday movies, I didn't really buy into the romance very much and the chemistry just felt kind of forced. The relationship between the two felt a little stiff and formal for me.

However, I do have to say that there were some twists and turns with the "bad guys" and I was in fact shocked with the reveals. While yes, the reveals were quite cliche, I was still engaged enough by these plot points. For the heart-warmingness level, I didn't necessarily feel any happier or like my heart was warmed at the end, I just kind of felt the same as when I started the movie.

heart-warmingness: 2/10
cheesiness: 10/10

notable classic holiday movie moments: crowning ceremony on Christmas Eve, key family heirloom, spontaneous snowball fight

should you watch?
If you love a classic cheesy Christmas movie, this movie is for you. However, if you're like me and can only watch a few before they all get a little too cheesy.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

what it's about
This is a sequel to the previously mentioned movie, A Christmas Prince. The sequel is about Amber and how she is navigating getting into the role of becoming a queen, transitioning to her life in Aldovia, and preparing for her wedding which just happens to be on Christmas.

what I thought
Just like the original movie, it was very cheesy. During the beginning of the movie my attention was a little split it because I was multitasking, but I got the gist of it. This Christmas movie definitely had a lot less romance than the typical cheesy Christmas movie but still had a lot of the classic elements. The levels of heart warmingness were on par with the previous movie and it was all very similar (as expected) to the vibe of the first movie.

heart-warmingness: 1/10
cheesiness: 10/10

notable classic holiday movie moments: Christmas wedding, first snow, sledding, tiny hints of romance embedded at the end for minor characters

should you watch?
If you liked a Christmas Prince, I would watch this one as well. It has a lot of similar elements and the same style as the previous one and it is interesting to see a continuation of the story beyond the "happy ever after" of the first one.

Christmas Inheritance

what it's about
Ellen Langford is an heiress to a multimillion dollar company called Home and Hearth. However, her father has reservations about passing the company down to her due to her "party heiress" title and attitude. As a result, he decides to task her with carrying the company "Christmas letters" to the co-founder of the company who resides in the small town of Snow Falls where they originally came up with the company.

what I thought
Honestly I wasn't paying full attention for the whole movie and I was on my phone while it was playing which is generally a good indicator of my interest. It just didn't captivate me. One of the reasons was that I didn't really like the chemistry between the leads much. Like in A Christmas Prince, the interactions felt kind of stiff and unnatural. I'm also generally not a huge fan of the "oops I'm stuck in this small town on Christmas eve" story plot lines, so I think that was also kind of a turn off for me as well.

heart-warmingness: 1/10
cheesiness levels: 9/10

notable classic holiday movie moments: "oops guess I'm stuck in this small town on Christmas eve", comment about how Christmas is about giving, character spontaneously decides to be charitable, key family heirloom

should you watch?
If you're a fan of the classic cheesy holiday movie, go for it. However, if you're like me and generally not super into the genre, I would skip this one.

The Princess Switch

what it's about
Stacy is a baker from Chicago who receives an opportunity to go to a Christmas baking competition in Belgravia, a (surprise) small European country in which there happens to be a monarchy. Because rom coms love their small European countries with monarchs. While in Belgravia, Stacy runs into the duchess, Margaret, who is engaged to the prince of Belgravia. The duchess, wanting a sense of normalcy, asks Stacy if they can switch places for 2 days. Within those two days, there's snow, romance, holiday cheer, and the classic elements of a holiday movie.

what I thought
I actually really liked this movie. While I love a good rom com, I'm actually not a big fan of the holiday rom com because they're just a little too cheesy for me. While this movie had cheesy elements, I still enjoyed it. It has the classic holiday movie moments and some of those are just essential as it is a holiday movie.

But I do have to say that at the end I was a little confused because things happened so fast but the time period for this story was really only like 2 days??? Like that's a little weird but okay it's a holiday movie - we get it, romance moves fast in these movies. There was also a meta moment that I was pretty into where they said that they wanted to watch a holiday movie and they opened Netflix (the Princess Switch is a Netflix original) and flipped through the other Netflix original holiday movies and decided to watch A Christmas Prince - which was pretty fitting.

heart-warmingness: 7/10
cheesiness Levels: 9/10

notable classic holiday movie moments: spontaneous snowball fight, random matchmaker guy that seems to be everywhere, "bad" guys messing with the main characters, "Christmas is about love", key family heirloom

should you watch?
Yes. This was probably my favorite of the holiday movies that I reviewed. It is predictable and sappy, but it was still enjoyable and I felt pretty happy at the end.

The Holiday Calendar

what it's about
Abby is a photographer who is stuck in a studio job that she isn't really passionate about. During the holidays, her family always pesters her on how she needs to get a "real job". Noticing her struggles, her grandfather presents her with a Christmas gift of an antique holiday advent calendar that her grandmother thought helped her and Abby's grandfather find each other. Abby soon notices that the calendar might possess magical qualities, as the toys behind each door are related to events that occur each day.

Since getting the calendar, Abby's best friend, Josh, who was traveling the world, recently returned home. She also meets a man named Ty, who she begins seeing at the beginning of the film.

what I thought
I did like that the movie emphasized how Abby's relationship with Ty is very superficial. At one point in the movie, she mentions how she feels like she barely knows him and all of the extravagant holiday dates that he sets up for her are exciting but over the top. I thought that this comment was almost like a nod towards the classic holiday romance movie where the relationship is very rushed and glamorous but in reality is probably not the strongest relationship. Therefore I liked that the movie

heart-warmingness: 7/10
cheesiness Levels: 6.5/10

notable classic holiday movie moments: wise grandpa, holiday themed dates

should you watch?
I liked this movie more than I liked Christmas Inheritance or any of the Christmas Prince movies. It was a pretty good holiday movie and wasn't overly cheesy (while still cheesy though) so I think that it's worth a watch if you're interested.

I Reviewed 5 Cheesy Holiday Movies

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