It's that time of the year again - a new year. Every year we all say this, but it's wild that 2018 is coming to a close. While the year, like any year has been full of ups and downs, for the most part I'd say that the year has been pretty good to me. I've accomplished a lot within the year and I feel like I've grown and learned a lot - and that's what we're aiming for right?

I mentioned last year about the importance of reflecting on what you did in the year  and that absolutely still applies. When I look back at everything that I did, the things in January of 2018 feel like forever ago. As I was looking over everything that I did, it felt like those things couldn't have happened this year, like they must have been from an earlier year.

The truth is, you've done a lot in just a short time. Take the time to be proud of everything that you have done and focus on how you can grow even more in the next year. Here are a few of the things that I did in 2018.

I've gotten more involved in school.

By "getting involved" I mean beyond just the academics. In the past, I was involved in the academics, but I didn't really pour myself into many extracurriculars. This year, I've been getting more involved by going to more study sessions, office hours, and being more active in student organizations. I think that doing so has really helped me feel more like I have a sense of purpose in my everyday life. It has helped me branch out and meet more people, something that I tend to struggle with, and truly take advantage of what is available to me.

This relates to the new school year resolutions that I set for myself over the summer, so I'm glad to say that I'm actually kind of sticking to resolutions (for now at least).

I travelled!

This year, I had the chance to travel to the beautiful Spain and Portugal over summer. Over the course of the trip, I visited the following cities in Spain: Granada, Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo. In addition, I was able to visit the following cities in Portugal: Lagos, Lisbon, and Sintra. I talked about my top favorite attractions that I visited in during my time in Spain, check out the post here, so if you're interested, you can see which ones are worth a visit.

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That trip was incredible because I got to see so many beautiful places. There were the architectural beauties of Barcelona, the history behind the Alhambra de Granada, the natural beauty of Lagos, and more.

In addition to that big trip, I've been able to spend some time in New York City and San Francisco throughout this year. I have already been to both New York and San Francisco, so revisiting them allowed me to take my time in a more leisurely manner.

I'm teaching myself more and more design skills.

You might have noticed this on my Instagram that I've been posting more illustrations. In the past, I had an interest in design, but I didn't really know how to do much design digitally. Lately, I've been teaching myself how to use Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. I've learned how to make some cool stuff and I feel like I've made a ton of progress in such a short time. Check out my Instagram to see some of the illustrations so far but I'm looking forward to making more and getting some cool graphics onto the blog.

I started exercising more regularly.

Okay, so regularly may be a bit of a stretch, but lately I've been trying to exercise at least once a week. I know that it's not much, but baby steps right? I used to never exercise, so really anything is good progress. I've tried a few different exercising classes as well as exercising on my own and I've been alternating to keep it interesting.

What did you do in 2018?


  1. Your trip to Spain and Portugal looks fabulous. You're giving me such a travel bug!